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iPod touch is officially the only iPod Apple has ever launched with Wi-Fi connection, however what if other older iPods also had an internet connection and access to streaming services? Thats precisely what developer Person Dupont was able to do with his fourth-generation iPod, which was modified with built-in Wi-Fi and the Spotify app.

The fourth-generation iPod (and were not talking about the iPod touch) was introduced in 2004 with an actually small display screen, Click Wheel, and no wireless connections. This hasnt stopped Dupont from turning among these iPods into a modern gadget– sort of– that can even access tunes from Spotify.
In truth, theres very little of the original iPod left in this modified gadget. Thats because the developer replaced practically all the internal parts to accomplish this, keeping simply the initial case with Click Wheel (by means of Engadget). Nevertheless, the outcome is quite intriguing and fun to see.
The “area,” as called by Dupont, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, plus a color screen and an internal 1,000 mAh battery. He used a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Micro-USB adapter to produce and set up a variation of Spotify (utilizing Spotifys main APIs) that looks like the traditional iPod interface.
Dupont demonstrated the modified iPod running Spotify and sharing the audio with an external speaker through Bluetooth connection in a video on his channel, which you can view below:

The project cost less than $100 in total, but the developer has no intent of selling customized iPods with Spotify. Instead, he shared more details about how he constructed the “area” on Hackaday and likewise the source code of the software application he developed on GitHub.
This doesnt appear to be something many users will do with their iPods, it certainly makes me wonder what it would be like if Apple had actually used new versions of iPod traditional or even iPod nano with Apple Music support.
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Theres not much of the original iPod left in this modified device. Thats because the designer changed almost all the internal parts to attain this, keeping simply the initial case with Click Wheel (via Engadget). Even so, the final outcome is quite fascinating and fun to see.

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