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Destiny 2’s Xur has been an interesting fixture in the game since its inception. He holds a special place in my heart as he helped me land my first Gjallarhorn in Destiny 1. No, not the first time he sold it…sigh.


These days? Xur isn’t terribly exciting, but that’s changed this weekend. He has probably the best single item I’ve seen him sell in a few years, though only for Warlocks. So much so that I figured I’d write an actual article about it. (Update: forgot to say, Xur is in the EDZ’s Winding Cove this week, look for the cluster of people highup)

Xur is selling a Nezerec’s Sin helmet that has 68 base stats, including a 23 recovery, a great stat for all classes, but especially Warlocks. For reference, 68 base exotics are pretty rare. Most of my absolute highest are 69s, and I think I’ve only gotten one 70 ever. The absolute max that I’ve seen with my own two eyes is a 71, but playing for years now, I’ve never gotten one.

It also helps that it’s on a pretty solid Warlock exotic too, one that can actually be useful in a wide variety of builds. The exotic perk for Nezerec’s is “Void-damage kills increase ability energy recharge rate,” meaning mowing through enemies with any void energy weapon is a recipe to constantly have your abilities charged. These days, that could be a Gnawing Hunger, Shayura’s Wrath, Gridskipper, Null Composure, Brass Attacks, Bottom Dollar or a host of others. And void ability kills count, too.

Xur has really barely changed much from Destiny 1 after all this time, with the main exception being that he’s selling things for much cheaper these days (legendary shards compared to Strange Coins), and he can let you get a couple randomly rolled exotics in addition to what he’s selling.

Xur does not really exist for veteran players, outside of rare exceptions when he sells a killer roll like this weekend. Rather, he’s mainly for new players who need to add exotics to their collection in order to catch up, and he’s pretty good at doing that. If you are new, I would probably recommend buying every weapon and every armor piece for your class he sells, if you have the shards, because you never know what’s just one buff or catalyst or rework away from being top tier these days.


Anyway, everyone who’s a Warlock should buy this Nezerec’s Sin. If you’re even thinking about playing a Warlock someday, buy this Nezerec’s Sin.

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