Destiny 2 Glitch Lets You Launch 12-Player Raid Parties – Kotaku1 min read

Destiny 2 fireteams are usually capped at 6, however gamers have just recently discovered a problem to bump up the size and are using the make use of to take on games raids in massive groups.Twelve-player celebrations might be chump modification for a traditional MMO, but in Destiny it can transform even the deepest, darkest stone crypt into a bustling space celebration. As Forbes reports, the problem has been understood by some Twitch banners and other players for several weeks, however has only simply began breaking out to the broader community as how-to videos detailing the technique make the rounds on YouTube.Heres one example from YouTuber Scrub, who associates the discovery to Twitter user ChildCelebrity: Players are achieving these meet-ups by producing 2 different raid teams and then integrating them at the extremely last 2nd prior to releasing the activity. As Rock, Paper, Shotguns Alice OConnor points out, it can be both very chaotic and incredibly charming viewing 11 other players run around trying to resolve raid puzzles.Unlike a lot of other glitches, this one doesnt really seem to be injuring anybody.

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