Dead whale in the Mediterranean probably one of the largest ever found – Livescience.com1 min read

The whale measured about 65 feet (20 meters) long and likely weighed more than 77 tons (70 metric lots)– most likely making the remains “one of the largest” ever discovered in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the agency.Coast Guard divers first discovered the whale after a young calf swam into the Sorrento harbor in a state of distress, according to news reports. The calf apparently rammed its head into the harbor walls several times before pulling away back underwater; when divers followed it, they found the fin whales corpse.Related: Images of whales: giants of the deepThe calf is presumed to be the dead whales offspring, and the Coast Guard is keeping track of for signs of the young whales return. Marine biologists in Naples are working to ascertain what eliminated the whale.Finback whales (likewise known as fin whales) are the second-largest animals on Earth, after the renowned blue whale.

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