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Screenshot: CD Projekt Red/ KotakuLast night, CD Projekt Red dropped the very first major update for its distressed open-world shooter, Cyberpunk 2077. “Major” is a relative term. While bigger than previous updates, yesterdays patch 1.1 focuses more on stability repairs rather than an extensive overhaul. In reality, it may have even made the game even worse– by introducing a possibly game-breaking bug.Patch 1.1 addresses a concern in the objective “Down on the Street” where Takemura would not call, therefore preventing any progress in the mission. Hell call now, obviously, however then wont say a word. Some users state that refilling old saves or developing brand-new save files doesnt fix it either.Theres a minimum of one apparent workaround. Try to call Judy before Takemura calls. When he does, hang up the line, then deal with a sideline. (The gamer who reported this workaround tackled a Delamain side-quest.) Wait 24 hours in-game and Takemura need to contact– with dialogue and everything– enabling you to progress in “Down on the Street.” Kotaku has reached out to CD Projekt Red for comment.Im playing Cyberpunk 2077 on an Xbox Series X, where it performs better than it appears to on last-gen consoles but not, as one of my roommates likes to so regularly advise me, in addition to it does on his high-end rig. Still, Ive run into some bugs considering that day one. Generally, theyre garden-variety hiccups: NPCs drifting in the air in ways they need to not, or a weapon declining to reload despite the fact that Ive tapped “X,” like, eighteen times. Little potatoes.G/ O Media may get a commissionI hope the amusing bugs (see above) never go away.Screenshot: CD Projekt Red/ KotakuThe bug that soured me on the video game turned up during the “Stadium Love” side-quest, in which you meet a bunch of veterans, throw back bad vodka shots like youre at a bad frat party (” What is this, rubbing alcohol?” V asks), and then take part in a shooting contest. In one attempt, I wasnt able take out my gun– basically an immediate DQ in a shoot-off. In another, I was, however all of the veterans around me also would whip theirs out and after that start shooting at me. That drew too. I decided to shelve the game till it remained in a much better state.” Stadium Love” is not listed among the dozen approximately quests that were attended to in the other days 1.1 spot. Against my much better judgement, after downloading the 16.5 GB (!!!) update, I attempted the mission again. I was able to shoot my gun without concern. I likewise still got contended. So, not perfect.CDPR states yesterdays upgrade addresses a problem with the quest “Map Tann Pèlen,” where players could encounter an obstruction trying to speak to the character Mr. Hands on the phone. I had no issue doing so today, but hadnt tried the quest at all before downloading the 1.1 spot. Who knows if I wouldve struck a snag, say, 3 weeks ago.In general, after spending a long time with the game last night, I can state it feels basically precisely the exact same as it did prior to I put it down. Perhaps those on last-gen consoles are seeing more benefits. Now, social media seems to be loud with news outlets keeping in mind the patch exists or players pointing out how thin the notes appear. CDPR says this spot is “focused on numerous stability improvements and bug fixes” and “prepares for the upcoming spots.” Next ones due in February, per a statement from December.Ten days ago, CDPR released a video stating that Januarys big upgrade would launch within the following ten days. Yesterdays 1.1 patch, in the most technical sense, strikes that mark. These are indeed updates that undoubtedly attend to some problems with the video game. It likewise landed at 5:00 p.m. ET (10:00 p.m. Warsaw time) on a Friday. Make from that what you will.Is Cyberpunk 2077 “great” now, in the method No Mans Sky clawed its way to achievement? No. Not. But this is one little action in the best direction. Im eager to see whats next.Cyberpunk 2077 is in a cyberfunk

While larger than previous updates, the other days patch 1.1 focuses more on stability repairs rather than a comprehensive overhaul.” Stadium Love” is not noted among the lots or so quests that were resolved in yesterdays 1.1 patch. I had no problem doing so today, but had not tried the mission at all prior to downloading the 1.1 patch. Now, social media seems to be loud with news outlets noting the spot exists or players pointing out how thin the notes appear. Yesterdays 1.1 patch, in the most technical sense, hits that mark.

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