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Core, the platform that wishes to help developers build gamers and video games experience them, is releasing totally free in early gain access to today. Its offered exclusively on the Epic Games Store and already consists of over 20,000 totally free playable games throughout a variety of categories consisting of team-based multiplayer side-scrollers, shooters, and rpgs. Cores designer, Manticore Games, states that over a million players and developers have used the platform while its been in alpha over the past year.
The aim with Core is to make it much easier for developers to develop and generate income from games, comparable to what YouTube provided for online video, while players get “an unlimited game of top quality, user-built games and worlds.” The platforms development tools are built on top of Epics Unreal Engine, and it provides premade properties that users can tailor, in addition to drop-down tools to develop games. Custom avatars can work throughout various experiences, and these can be related to in-game portals.

Cores advancement tools let developers put video games together using premade assets.

Image: Manticore Games

Cores effort to make game development simpler and more friendly is similar to Media Molecules Dreams on PS4. Manticore Games is trying to distinguish itself by letting developers monetize their video games via its Perks system, which launched last December. Developers have different choices for how to monetize their games, ranging from in-game cosmetic purchases to full-on monthly memberships, Manticore Games says, and its providing a profits share of 50 percent with creators.
To coincide with the launch today, Geoff Keighley is hosting the Core Games Showcase, which will feature looks from Cores most significant games and developers. The show kicks off at 1PM ET on Twitch and YouTube.

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