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Post-injury rehab is tough and unpleasant, but not if you’re Conor McGregor. If you’re Conor McGregor and you just broke your leg and underwent surgery to have a titanium rod inserted, you can always find solace in knowing you’re about to get your sea legs on very soon.

The MMA champion, now in Los Angeles following the leg injury sustained during the Dustin Poirier match earlier this month, just took delivery of his custom Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 speedboat, most commonly referred to as the Supercar / Lamborghini of the Sea. In a very on-brand move, in between a post on how his rich a** didn’t care about others’ opinions of his work and another about how he was about to come back bigger and fiercer than ever, he also informed his followers that “my Lamborghini yacht is ready.”

McGregor’s is the second public delivery of the world-famous speedboat. He placed his order in October last year, when part of the world was still shut down, still reeling from the negative impact of the international health crisis. But McGregor wasn’t hurting for money, so he took the family to a day trip to The Italian Sea Group HQ, where he placed an order for the boat: he would get it in green because he’s Irish and it would be the 12th unit produced, because he had a soft spot for the number.

McGregor stopped short of revealing the price tag, but a base Tecnomar 63 starts at $3.5 million, and reports at the time claimed he’d packed another $500,000 worth of extras on it. As promised, it’s ready for McGregor and the family, just in time for the summer season. What’s a family vacation if you don’t get to fly on water in the world’s most exclusive and expensive speedboat?

Indeed, the Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 is both these things, though only a few lucky people will get to go on any kind of vacation on it. Only 63 units will ever be made, which makes it an already very exclusive product. The speedboat is the closest thing to a Lamborghini on water: inspired by the Sian FKP 37, it features plenty of carbon fiber and angular design elements that are instantly recognizable as Lamborghini.

Performance is also on par with Lamborghini standards: with twin V12 MAN engines delivering a total output of 4,000 hp, the Tecnomar 63 can reach top speeds of 63 knots. Range-wise, it is a day boat, and provides all the comforts and luxury amenities of one.

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