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Late Sunday evening the last nail was driven into the casket of LGs smartphone service, when the maker stated it was stopping advancement of all hardware. One of the (lots of) locations in which LG fell behind was in the cutting edge of collapsible phone advancement, but it did have at least one option: a rolling screen. LG showed off its prototype earlier this year, declaring its intention to make and offer it, and obviously sent it to numerous certification companies for screening.

FronTron likewise flaunted what existed as the LG “Rainbow,” a V70 flagship that would probably follow the V60. Keep in mind that just the image left wing is real.

This is the LG Rollable.LM-R910N
— Tron (@FrontTron) April 6, 2021

Late Sunday night the final nail was driven into the coffin of LGs mobile phone company, when the manufacturer declared it was halting advancement of all hardware. Among the (numerous) locations in which LG fell behind was in the cutting edge of foldable phone development, however it did have at least one alternative: a rolling screen. LG flaunted its prototype previously this year, declaring its intent to make and offer it, and obviously sent it to several certification agencies for testing.
Twitter user @FrontTron spotted the LM-R910N, AKA the LG Rollable, making its method through South Koreas interactions and security regulative companies for screening. There isnt much information in the documents, apart from the measurements seen in the measurement and the fact that its produced in Vietnam. Regrettably the single picture doesnt provide us anymore insight into the design of the body or screen.

The very first image is the real LG Rainbow (V70).
The 2nd image is a FAKE RENDER CREATED FOR FUN by a Korean user in a regional community.
And the specifications in the 3rd image is also an IMPOSSIBLE SPEC CREATED WITH IMAGINATION. The genuine spec is way lower than this.
— Tron (@FrontTron) April 6, 2021.

LGs retreat from the smart device market implies that neither of these phones will ever see a retail shelf, however at least some approaching hardware is still making its way through regulatory firms. We might see a couple of more glimpses of what may have been, while present LG owners are wondering if theyll see any meaningful Android updates in the future.

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