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Three Free War Track Packs
Need some new tunes for you and your motley team to listen to across Warzone and Black Ops Cold War? These three War Track packs can be the soundtrack to your squads resurgence behind the wheel as soon as they are unlocked for free in the Battle Pass System.
Black Ops II Mixtape (Tier 44): You asked for it, and its here. Toss it back to 2025 with four unforgettable tracks from the Call of Duty: Black Ops II initial soundtrack, consisting of the primary title style. Unlocking this Mixtape also makes these four tracks readily available in the Music Player in Black Ops Cold War, so you can mark time for your next Multiplayer or League Play match with “Adrenaline” in your ears, or vibe to the timeless “Damned 100AE” between high-round runs of Zombies.
PLUS, the “Rock Pack II” and “Pop Pack” at Tiers 72 and 94: Some things are best delegated be listened to, although we understand how much you need to know more, more, more about these packs. All we can say in the meantime is that when Season Two begins, rush to unlock these two War Track packs; theyre waiting there for you.

Get More for Your Operators
” Renegade” Adler Skin (Tier 20): Gear up for the next tropical infiltration with this new Adler skin. This tier likewise features new Operator Missions, where 4 extra skins– “Beirut,” “Lighthouse,” “Iron Delta,” and “Bright Star”– can be opened for Adler in addition to two Calling Cards, two Emblems, and countless benefit XP.
” Coyote Dust” Powers Skin (Tier 70) — All 4 Mil-Sim Operators get alternate skins in the Season Two Battle Pass, including the possible double agent ex-USMC Powers. Stand tall when the sand settles with the “Coyote Dust” skin, or complete her Operator Mission to make her camouflage “Militant” and yellow-and-black “Buzz Saw” skins.
PLUS, the “Tactical Roll” Finishing Move (Tier 19): Get behind an opponent and hold a melee attack to take them down with style. This Finishing Move can be used by any Operator and is equipped in the Operator menu.

Activision has actually unveiled the first information on the Battle Pass coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with Season 2.
The business has shared a brand-new trailer and blog for the Season 2 Battle Pass, which is headlined by the new Operator Naga. Naga consisted of with the Battle Pass purchase and will instantly open.
The Season 2 Battle Pass also includes 2 brand-new weapons, for complimentary for all players, through Tier 15 and Tier 30.
The Battle Pass is offered in the in-game shop with Call of Duty Points. 1,100 for simply the Battle Pass, or 2,400 CP for the Battle Pass bundle, which consists of the Pass + 20 Tier Skips (25 Tier Skips for PlayStation players).
The Activision Blog also revealed a very first look at some of the brand-new bundles coming to Cold War & & Warzone with Season 2.

Tier 100– A War Chest of Rewards for Battle Pass Completion:
Suitable for the most fearsome Operators, the spoils of Tier 100 are truly Legendary:
” Warlord” Naga Skin and Operator Mission: This mix of a ceremonial mask and a gold-trimmed leather jacket represents Nagas career as a most-wanted warlord. Strike horror into your opposition with this skin, and complete the included Operator Mission to open 2 more– the red “River Wraith” and the tiger-inspired “Rare Breed”– to name a few benefits.
” Poison Dart” Legendary SMG Blueprint: Based on the brand-new SMG within the Season Two Battle Pass, the “Poison Dart” Blueprint features 5 accessories that make the weapon as swift and silent as the amphibian it bases its design on. This includes the Vandal Speed Loader, which brings the weapons reload speeds down to simply over a 2nd.

Boasting an outstanding effective damage range and bullet speed compared to others in its class, this weapon can pump out trustworthy and quick damage with a near-unrivaled fire rate. With the ideal accessories and the best Operator behind its sights, the FARA 83 is far and away a force to be reckoned with in mid-to-long-range engagements.

New Weapon Blueprints
Twenty Weapon Blueprints across numerous primary and secondary categories are offered within the Season Two Battle Pass system, consisting of 11 Legendary Weapon Blueprints and among Ultra rarity that deserves its own spotlight. While there is lots of power in the back half of this Battle Pass, here are the very first three primary weapon Legendary Blueprints that can be opened:
” Glade Ripper” LMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 21): No need to beat around the bush; youll be able to rip through it with ease, thanks to this five-attachment LMG. Amongst its spread of attachments that boost its Firepower, Accuracy, and Ammo data substantially is a Salvo 125 Rnd Fast Mag, which integrates the weapons biggest publication with speed-reloading abilities to guarantee youll hardly ever be left dry during a fight.
” First Mate” SMG Blueprint (Tier 27): Become the captain of carnage with this gold and wood-trimmed SMG Weapon Blueprint. Its consisted of five-attachment spread is mainly built for speed and accuracy, with a 40 Rnd Speed Mag included to provide adequate ammunition for making whole teams walk the slab.
” Dragon Idol” SMG (FREE Tier 55): Your legend will be passed down through generations with the Dragon Idol, a three-round burst SMG Blueprint plated with jade across its body and most of its five attachments. This includes the Agency Suppressor and Front Grip, a strong combination of accuracy-boosting accessories that keep those bursts tight and effective.PreviousNext
Tier 95– An Ultra Reactive Weapon Blueprint
The Season Two Battle Pass marks the continued advancement of this collection of content with the “Vulture Exo,” an Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint.
An idea initially presented in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, this Reactive property lets Operators show their skill in real-time by evolving their weapons appearance with eliminates during a match. The “Vulture Exo” pulsates a green energy throughout the skeleton of a bird that covers around the entire weapon. As an Operator makes eliminates, this energy shifts from blue to ultimately red and orange, signifying how much of a hot hand they have in the match.
Together with this Reactive property, the “Vulture Exo” likewise features five pre-configured accessories: the Hawksmoor Optic, the Bullet Velocity-doubling 19.5″ Liberator Barrel, Foregrip, Spetsnaz 50 Rnd Magazine, and the KGB Skeletal Stock for better Sprint to Fire and Aim Walking Movement Speeds.

LC10 SMG (Tier 31): If it werent for its size, the LC10 could be mistaken for an assault rifle thanks to its well-rounded nature and an effective damage range that extends beyond that of a typical submachine weapon. Declared for its precision and reputable fire rate, this SMG comes geared up with 34-round magazines as basic to give Operators a bit more leeway when engaging numerous targets. This all includes the exceptional handling properties that a compact SMG supplies, from a snappy objective down sight time to quick motion speeds across the board.

New Free Base Weapons
Prepare to dominate the opposition in Multiplayer, last longer than the opponent in Warzone, and battle through the Outbreak in Zombies with a new attack rifle and SMG, both totally free to make in the Battle Pass System.

Tier 0– Instantly Unlock Naga, Skins for Park, and More
New Operator– Naga: The Laos-born ex-warlord whose supply lines made him an ally of Perseus, Naga is prepared to display his brutality within Black Ops Cold War and Warzone after he is unlocked at Tier 0. This unlock features his “Viper” Operator Skin, a battle uniform he wears while tracking his ultimate prey like the wriggling monster whose maw motivates his bandana.
Complete Nagas Operator Missions to get XP rewards, cosmetic items for your gamer profile, and 4 extra Legendary skins: “Cobalt,” “Ashen Scale,” “Crimson Code,” and “Rattlesnake,” each inspired by another fatal snake that is as lethal as this ruthless Operator.
Park Operator Skin and Mission: As NATO prepares to comb through the Golden Triangle for Adler and Nova 6, Park gets herself prepared for the extreme tropical conditions with her “Survivor” Skin. This unlock likewise features an Operator Mission. Total all 4 of its objectives to make the “Autumn” skin thats fit for the fall flower, the “Solstice” Skin with red and white accents, an Emblem, a Calling Card, and additional XP.
Wellington Safari Watch: Chart a course for triumph with this practical, yet trendy pilot wrist watch, quickly opened at Tier 0. Youll never misplace time in uncharted territory thanks to this watch being synched to the real-world clock, though you may still wish to track those squadmates if you want to go out alive.
Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Two Battle Pass and enjoy a 10% increase in all XP made throughout the season.

1,300 COD Points
On top of all these extraordinary products, the same fantastic seasonal COD Points offer is here for the Season Two Battle Pass System. Make as much as 300 COD Points through the Season Two Battle Pass System or purchase the Season Two Battle Pass to have the ability to earn up to 1,000 more COD Points.
This grand overall of 1,300 COD Points can be used to buy a future Battle Pass, or a future Store Bundle like the ones that heading the first 4 weeks of Season Two:
Season Two Store Highlights– The First Two Weeks

Week Two: Samantha Maxis Joins Requiems Front Lines
After breaking out of the Omega Groups clutches, Samantha Maxis is ready to eliminate back.
In Season Twos 2nd week, head to the Store to discover the Maxis Operator Bundle, which will include Samantha Maxis as a playable Operator and 2 Weapon Blueprints: the Ultra-rarity “Z-74u” Reactive SMG Blueprint that evolves as Operators get rid of the undead or the living, and the Legendary “Neutralizer” shotgun. This bundle also consists of a new “Maim & & Tame” Finishing Move, 2 animated Emblems, an animated Calling Card, two Stickers (consisting of one that bears Requiems logo), and a Charm that may be a familiar sight for Mystery Box regulars.
In week 2, gamers will find the Gilded Age III: Pro Pack package, which can be purchased directly from 1P shops. Consisted of in this highly-anticipated bundle are two Legendary Blueprint Weapons: “Carbon Composite” and “Carbon Steel.” Players will also score a tremendous 2400 Call of Duty Points.
Lastly, today will feature the Anime Pilot package, which includes three Weapon Blueprints: the Legendary “Fly Boy” fast-firing SMG, the Legendary “Talon Envy” three-round burst tactical rifle, and the Legendary “Strafe Run” semi-automatic shotgun.

Simply the Tip of the Spear
This is just the beginning of all the brand-new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and other content thats coming with the Season Two Battle Pass and in the Store across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.
Starting in Season Two, youll have the ability to gain access to all of your acquired Store Bundles at the brand-new Bundle Locker at the Weapons menu in any mode. Youll also have the ability to gear up specific products straight from the Battle Pass system, Store Bundle Preview, and the Bundle Locker with the new Quick Equip feature in Black Ops Cold War. No more sifting through menus to discover your most recent items– now, just equip them with the tap of a button!
The Season Two Battle Pass can be bought for 1,000 CP and admits to open all 100 tiers within the Season Two Battle Pass System. You can likewise pick up the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CP, which consists of the Season Two Battle Pass along with 20 instant Tier Skips. By getting the Battle Pass Bundle, youll get instant access to products like the FARA 83 attack rifle, the “Fresh Powder” attack rifle Blueprint, the “Tactical Roll” Finishing Move, and more in addition to those Tier 0 opens.
SOURCE: Call of Duty Blog

Choose a new melee weapon? In week two, players will find the Gilded Age III: Pro Pack package, which can be bought directly from 1P stores. The Season Two Battle Pass can be purchased for 1,000 CP and gives access to open all 100 tiers within the Season Two Battle Pass System. You can also pick up the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 CP, which consists of the Season Two Battle Pass along with 20 instant Tier Skips. By getting the Battle Pass Bundle, youll gain instant access to items like the FARA 83 attack rifle, the “Fresh Powder” assault rifle Blueprint, the “Tactical Roll” Finishing Move, and more in addition to those Tier 0 opens.

Week One: Dead Ops Arcade, Soul Reaper, and New Melee Tool Invade the Store
In 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of Dead Ops Arcade, the co-op Zombies-themed minigame that harkened back to traditional 80s arcade twin-stick shooters.
At the start of Season Two, you can bring a little bit of Dead Ops Arcade into the fight with the Dead Ops Arcade Reactive Bundle, a six-item collection featuring the “Side Scroller” Reactive attack rifle Blueprint. Constructed on the fastest-firing attack rifle platform, the weapon shifts its style to numerous levels as Operators make kills, with the Silverback seeing on from the included 34 Round magazine.
Choose a brand-new melee weapon? With the launch of the Machete in Season Two, the River Slasher Bundle will provide the very first Machete Blueprint understood as the “Backwater Blade.” It also consists of the Epic “Backwater Blaster” attack rifle Blueprint, the “Equalizer” watch that tracks your removal ratio, and a brand-new “Wetlander” Skin for Adler, to name a few items.
Readily available in this first week is the Soul Reaper Bundle, which includes 2 devilish Legendary Weapon Blueprints and the frightening “Warpath” skin for Sims.

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