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Death Machine.
Now offered in Multiplayer for 2200 rating.
Air Patrol.
Decreased cost from 2700 to 2400.
Attack Helicopter.
Decreased expense from 5000 to 4500.
VTOL Escort.
Minimized expense from 7000 to 6500.
Counter Spy Plane.

Main Quest.

When trying to fill an uninstalled video game mode, enhanced messaging.
Gesture Slot 4 is now usable and can be set off with Numlock.

The change players are likely to observe as soon as they fire up any of Call of Dutys season 2 modes are the map changes. This spot also consists of Outbreak, a brand-new objective-based Zombies mode that will let players check out an enormous new open-world map. Gamers will still use some of the familiar Zombies mechanics like buy weapons and updating them, but will utilize these weapons to complete new goals that get more difficult as each match goes on. After finishing one goal, gamers will get the possibility to either extract, check out the open world, or move on to the next, more challenging objective.
Gamer to kill an enemy with each weapon wins the match.

Battle Pass.

Added Shot Tracker to the Combat Records Multiplayer Weapons screen.
For each weapon, this shows the circulation of hits throughout the different body parts along with the damage multipliers appointed to a few of these body parts.
Resolved a problem where made Medals were not shown any longer.

Updated main lobby theming and animations for Season Two.
Added brand-new Screen Saver mode when the gamer is idle on the primary menu screen.
Addressed a concern where celebration members equipped weapons would not be shown in the main lobby.


Gas Mine.
Gamers can no longer spawn in an active cloud of a triggered Gas Mine.


Increased expense from 1200 to 1400.
Cooldown increased from 60 to 90 seconds.

Made cover modifications, consisting of minimizing the heights of bushes in particular locations to increase predictability of engagements.
Crossroads Strike.

Firebase Z.
Repaired crashes related to the Mangler, Mimic, Intel, and side missions.

Assault (PS4/PS5).
Armageddon Onslaught map readily available on PlayStation at the start of Season Two.
Addressed a problem where Manglers would not attack players when standing in certain locations.


Outbreak offered in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
Continue the Dark Aether story with your team of Requiem agents in this brand-new large-scale experience, total with new team objectives, player rewards, in-game intel, lethal new enemies, and varied infiltration zones throughout the Ural Mountains.
Launches with 3 regions to explore: Ruka, Alpine, and Golova (Outbreak unique at launch), with more to follow.

Death Machine Support weapon now readily available in Zombies.
Addressed a concern where VO would not play when activating Napalm Strike, Cruise Missile, or Artillery.
Visual modifications made to placement markers for Artillery and Napalm Strike.


Closed various exploits around the Village and Firebase where zombies were unable to assault the player.
Closed numerous exploits where players were able to reach unintentional locations.
Dealt with an issue where zombies were getting stuck in generate at the Village.
Attended to an issue where a notification was not being offered when the door to Open Lot was acquired.
Attended to an issue where the prompt to obtain Dimitris eye persisted after connecting with it.
Addressed an issue where the Ordas health bar was not revealing while in the Chopper Gunner.
Tidied up accident and changed zombie traversals in Scorched Defense.
Resolved a concern where a spectating gamer was not seeing damage numbers.

Break out.


Closed different exploits.
Attended to an unusual occurrence where the Margwa would be eliminated during vibrant dungeon development.
Addressed the Chalice/Shield Fates not being consisted of as prospective dungeon Fate awards.
Addressed a concern where spamming the Use button could inadvertently trigger an object which was some range away (and possibly trigger a crucial to be inadvertently invested).
Attended to a problem with too numerous extra employers being spawned starting at round 125.
Dealt with an issue where the perk room War Store was getting rid of cars when player exited the bonus offer area.
Dealt with a problem where more than one gamer would donate a life to a downed gamer.
Gems now stop spilling once the gamer respawns. This will enable players to keep more of their multiplier, along with boost the Divine Chalice Fate, which has faster gamer respawning.

Field Upgrades.
Crazy Guard.

Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade available in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
Base level capability: Force all enemies in the area to target you for 10 seconds. Armor takes all damage throughout this time.

Dealt with a concern where players were unable to select their unlocked Zombies camos in custom-made weapon loadouts.
Attended to numerous concerns with the Lobby and Create-a-Class loadouts not showing correctly.

Resolved an issue where the scoreboard would sometimes reveal reversed details on the scoreboard for the opposite team.
Custom-made Games.
Addressed an issue where bots would not catch the A-side zone in Domination on Nuketown 84 in Custom Games.
Main Menu.
Added “Select/Deselect All” option in Quick Play menu.
Dealt with a concern where the Dropkick nuke post-match FX could stay stuck when rewinding in Theater.

New vehicle available in Season Two for Outbreak and multi-team modes.
Light Truck.
New automobile offered in Season Two for Outbreak and multi-team modes.

Addressed a concern where the one in charge was not effectively scaling with round difficulty.
Attended to a problem that avoided capturing a Mimic as a solo player with the Essence Trap.

FARA 83.
New attack rifle offered to unlock in the Season Two Battle Pass.
New SMG available to open in the Season Two Battle Pass.
New melee weapon available through in-game challenge or Store bundle.
Unlock obstacle readily available for the Groza attack rifle.
Unlock obstacle readily available for the Mac-10 SMG.

New Featured Playlists.

Room of Justice need to now constantly appear after round 65 is total.
Time added to ROJ events based upon player count. Four gamers still get the very same quantity of time.

Gunsmith in Zombies will now default to Zombies camos tab when in Zombies lobby.
Added Vehicle Customization menu in the Zombies lobby.

Side Quest.

Added Frenzied Guard to the Zombies Field Upgrades tab.
Included RAI K-84 to the Zombies Combat Record.
Attended to an issue where the Hide and Seek Medal for the Aether Shroud in Zombies was not being tracked.

Break out.
Dead Ops Arcade: First Person (Private).
Assault Apocalypse (PS4/PS5).

Care Package.
Addressed a concern where the Care Package marker might stay stuck if the player skipped the Killcam while it was still visible.
Cruise Missile.
Resolved a problem where the Cruise Missile might inconsistently lock on in multi-team matches.
Spy Plane.
Addressed a problem where a player who was formerly concealed by the Jammer might remain surprise from opponent Spy Planes.
Addressed a problem where a player who was formerly concealed by the Jammer could remain surprise from opponent H.A.R.P.s.

Shatter Blast Ammo Mod available in Zombies at the start of Season Two.
Base level capability: Bullets deal explosive damage. Each bullet has a chance to blow up, dealing additional explosive damage and damaging any impacted armor (25 2nd cooldown).


P1 Hardpoint zone radius minimized to match the Control zone radius.
Gamers can now mantle onto the van within the garage.


Player deaths are no longer counted in Slideways perk locations.
Depending upon level being advanced to in the Advanced Start mode, player will get extra lives, bombs, enhances to start with.

New 100-Tier Battle Pass readily available in Season Two.
Included accessory flyout descriptions on weapon previews in the Battle Pass.

New Operator available to open in the Season Two Battle Pass.

Smoke Grenade.
When inside a smoke grenade cloud, Player vision is now deteriorated.

Resetting Solo, Duo, Trios, and Quads leaderboards to permit a new beginning for all players with brand-new Season Two gameplay tuning and exploit fixes implemented. Career leaderboard will stay unchanged.
Tombstone Soda.
Addressed a concern where the range to the players Tombstone was in some cases not effectively upgrading.
Break out.
Included brand-new Outbreak Challenges, including a brand-new Zombies Dark Ops Challenge for Outbreak.
Daily Challenges.

Gunfight Blueprints.
Included brand-new Blueprints to loadouts in Gunfight Blueprints throughout Season Two.
Destroy and search.
If the last gamers traded kills in Search and Destroy, addressed a concern where both teams could get points.
Decreased opacity of waypoints while ADS and when taking a look at Hardpoint, Control and Search & & Destroy objectives.
Included Playlists.


Original Treyarch tracks from Black Ops II now offered in the Music Player, when unlocked through War Tracks in the Battle Pass: “Main Theme,” “Adrenaline,” “Damned 100ae,” and “Shadows.”.
” Lost” (Easter Egg tune from “Firebase Z”) now offered in the Music Player as soon as unlocked in-game after the launch of Season Two.

Rating earned will now reset to 0 on death.
Gamers now only have access to the Artillery and Cruise Missile Scorestreaks by default.
Weapons expense decreased from 3000 to 1600.
Cruise Missile cost lowered from 3500 to 2000.

New Features.
Package Locker.
Access all of your owned Store Bundles at the new Bundle Locker at the Weapons menu in any mode and the Store.
Quick Equip.
Equip particular products directly from the Battle Pass, Store Bundle Preview, and the Bundle Locker with the tap of a button.

Field Upgrades.
Trophy System.

When switching to alternative fire mode, reduced the fire hold-up.
Addressed an issue where the secondary attack would not trigger when striking Manglers straight.

Break Out Event (Feb. 25 – March 11).
Complete new undead challenges throughout Outbreak and Warzone to unlock brand new benefits.
Readily available for a limited time: Feb. 25 – Mar. 11.


Included brand-new Tiers IV and V for every Skill.
New Refined and Flawless Aetherium Crystals are now earnable to upgrade Skills to Tiers IV/V.
Included brand-new Weapon Skill categories: Launchers and Specials.

Armageddon 24/7 [NEW] Gun Game [BRAND-NEW] Gunfight Blueprints [New Season Two Blueprints] Snipers Only Moshpit.
Nuketown 24/7.
Face Off.

Weapon Game.

New 6v6 map readily available in Multiplayer.
Apocalypse 24/7 included playlist readily available in core modes, and in Hardcore by means of Quick Play.

Status Levels.
4 new Prestige Levels included in Season Two (Prestige 8-11).
Prestige Shop.
New tradition Prestige rewards available to open starting at Prestige 8.
Music Player.

Fight Record.

Added various crash repairs.
When using 3rd-party software overlays while playing full-screen and minimizing/restoring the window, fixed an uncommon crash.

New in-game Intel available in Outbreak and Onslaught.
All subtitles are now visible in the Zombies audio logs and radio transmissions.

Offered in Multiplayer at the start of Season Two.
Development through a set of 20 weapons from handgun to Knife, advancing to a new weapon with each elimination. Melee eliminates set the target back a level in their weapon progression. First gamer to kill an opponent with each weapon wins the match.

Executed a smoother transition in between leveling up animation and displaying present level benefits.
After Action Report now only reveals benefits of the last level when leveling up a number of ranks at the same time.

Addressed a concern where, if a gamer ran to cancel their reload the instant before ammunition was renewed, the weapon could fire instantly as the reload was cancelled.
Small reduction to jump height and downturn charge after landing from a dive.

Increased timeout of the benefit chest after finishing a side quest.
Addressed a concern where the upgraded Monkey Bomb was not eliminating the appropriate variety of enemies.

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War season 2 patch notes.

Closed little spaces in cover that could be abused in the map center.
Cut unused space near starting spawns to address locations that can not be flanked in specific game modes.

Fortune Fate now includes 80% rather of 40% to timeouts.
Added Fate declaration sequence to Advanced Start mode, allowing players to select a Fate to play with.

Increased the variety for Point Blank weapon camouflage Challenge.

Melee attacks will now correctly add to numerous Daily Challenges.
Attended to a problem where eliminations with Pack-a-Punched weapons were not adding to Daily Challenges.

Enhanced character visibility in essential areas.
Made cover changes to attend to exploitable or unexpected sightlines.
P4 Hardpoint zone relocated to the dog crates on the frozen lake.

Attack Rounds.
Resolved a concern where the Ordas weak spot was always vulnerable during Assault Rounds.
Wonder Weapon.

Bonus Areas.



Ability Tiers.

Battle Record.

After Action Report.
Dealt with an issue where After Action Report rewards would not be displayed after a League Play match.

Ammo Mods.
Shatter Blast.

Decreased Margwa swipe distance by 17%.

Addressed a concern where Critical and Elite Kills were not being tracked correctly on the leaderboards.
Die Maschine.
Dealt with a concern where the player could be teleported out of the map when exiting the Dark Aether.
Dead Ops Arcade 3.
Addressed various stability issues.

Minimized the damage that a Trophy System will deal to a player.
The max damage that a Trophy System will now deal is 10.

After Action Report.

Main Lobby.

Attended to a problem that would allow gamers to generate in front of the active train.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzones most current season is nearly here and the update patch will bring modifications all over both video games. The greatest modifications are almost all map related, however there are also new weapons for both video games, and a whole new Zombies mode called Outbreak, that will be the biggest Zombies mode ever.
The change players are likely to notice as soon as they fire up any of Call of Dutys season 2 modes are the map changes. While the map changes for Verdansk remain a secret, the brand-new arrival of the Vodianoy ship is specific to alter a few things around the map, and perhaps even present a new threat. In mutliplayer, Treyarch has used the brand-new season to bring a few updates to maps like Crossroads, Cartel, and Moscow, which each received a couple of modifications.
This patch also includes Outbreak, a new objective-based Zombies mode that will let gamers explore a massive new open-world map. Gamers will still use some of the familiar Zombies mechanics like buy weapons and updating them, however will utilize these weapons to finish new objectives that get harder as each match goes on. After finishing one goal, players will get the possibility to either extract, explore the open world, or carry on to the next, more hard goal.
The brand-new season will start someplace between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. PST on Feb. 24. Treyarch also let players understand that the download size for the new Black Ops Cold War material would be in between 10.5 and 26.5 GB, while the Warzone upgrade will be in between 16.2 and 20.8 GB.
For a full take a look at all the modifications and additions coming to Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in season 2, you can take a look at the patch notes

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