Classic Half-Life 2 Mod Neotokyo Gets A Singleplayer Spinoff – Kotaku1 min read

Image: NEOTOKYO ° KshatriyaNeotokyo is an outright PC video gaming classic, a (in some way) totally free mod for Half-Life 2 that stays among the prettiest and coolest multiplayer shooters on the planet. And now, 12 years after its first release, it has a singleplayer experience for fans to play through.NEOTOKYO ° Kshatriya is a little rusty around the edges, however in essence offers loads of Neotokyo fans precisely what they wanted from the initial: the opportunity to actually explore its cyberpunk streets in a more peaceful and immersive method than was possible in multiplayer maps. While made by various people– this is an item of SerygalaCaffeine, with Neotokyos initial creators having moved onto work on stuff like (surprise!) Deus Ex and Ghost in the Shell– it retains a lot of the feel of Neotokyo.You can download a demonstration and try it out here.

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