Chrome Used 10X More RAM Than Safari on macOS Big Sur in Recent Test – MacRumors2 min read

Under regular and lightweight web browsing, Google Chrome uses 10x more RAM than Safari on macOS Big Sur, according to a test conducted by Flotato developer Morten Simply (through iMore).

With 54 tabs open, Just found that Google Chrome used 24x more RAM per tab compared to Safari. Both web browsers, according to Just, were devoid of any extensions, and this specific test was performed on his real MacBook Pro, not a virtual device. Per his findings, Chrome used 290MB of RAM per open tab, while Safari just used 12MB of RAM per open tab.

While the outcomes are stark, Just does say that Google Chrome is most likely “heading out of its method to manage its memory use throughout tabs,” in efforts to keep the current tab “quick and responsive.” In his tests, Just finds that his own application, Flotato, a light-weight alternative to Chrome that produces apps based on webpages, utilized significantly less RAM than both Safari and Chrome.
Chrome is understood to being a memory hog on Mac and Windows computers, an issue Google has just recently tried to solve.
With macOS Big Sur, Safari got significant updates that saw it further exceed Chrome. Apple states that Safari on macOS Big Sur is “50% faster usually at loading often gone to websites than Chrome,” which Safari offers up to one and a half hours longer of streaming video, and approximately one hour longer typical web searching on a single charge, compared to Chrome and Firefox.

In a blog site post, Just outlines that he put both browsers to the test in 2 situations on the current variation of macOS. The very first test was carried out on a virtual machine, and the 2nd on a 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM. In the preliminary of screening, Just simulated a typical browsing pattern of opening Twitter, scrolling around, and then opening a brand-new tab with Gmail and composing an e-mail.
Under that test, Just discovered that Chrome reached 1GB of RAM usage, while Safari utilized just 80MB of RAM. The two-tab test was just the start, however.

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