Chicago sees spike in carjackings, prompting call to ban ‘Grand Theft Auto’ – Fox News1 min read

A Democrat legislator from Chicagos South Side introduced a costs last week that requires a restriction on some computer game in an effort to combat the citys current uptick in violent crimes, including carjackings.The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. has required a change to an existing law that would disallow the sale of games that depict “motor vehicle theft with a motorist or traveler present.” Fox 32 reported that Early Walker, a philanthropist in the city, stated computer game like “Grand Theft Auto” could have an effect on young minds. The report mentioned that a few of the carjacking presumes in the city are not even old adequate to legally drive.Last month, a 14-year-old young boy has been detained for taking part in multiple carjackings consisting of one involving an off-duty cops officer, Chicago cops said. Chicago authorities state carjackings rose about 135% last year to 1,415 and continue at a high pace this year.While the youngest carjacker apprehended in current attacks had to do with 12 years old, according to cops. The criminals often work in crews and are motivated either by joyriding or utilizing the stolen automobile to devote other crimes.The report pointed out that the video game has actually been “banned or censored” in other countries. The concept of the legislation is to avoid these video games from being offered to kids in the state.A DePaul psychology teacher told Fox 32 that these games could play some function in increasing violent outcomes, however are most likely not the only element. Rockstar Games did not right away react to a questions from Fox News.The Associated Press added to this report

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