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Image: CapcomWhile Ethan Winters may be the new face of the Resident Evil series, we still havent seen his actual face. And it doesnt look like thats going to change when Resident Evil Village launches on May 7.2017s Resident Evil 7 Biohazard marked a remarkable change for Capcoms long-running survival scary franchise. Rather than controlling the main character from a third-person perspective, players jumped right into Ethans shoes by means of first-person gameplay. Local Evil Village seems picking up where its predecessor ended in more ways than one: Capcom is still hiding Ethans face from us.It makes sense on some level that we would not see much of Ethan in the gameplay trailers. Were expected to be Ethan, after all. Thats the entire point of the first-person point of view. That said, I couldnt assist but laugh when I noticed that Capcom has actually even kept him hidden in advertising properties. Its nearly like Ethan himself is heading out of his method to keep his face a secret.Take this piece of artwork from last year, for instance. Why is Ethan holding his weapon like that? Is he smelling it?Image: CapcomG/O Media might get a commissionAnd this one, which belongs to a brand-new batch released after Capcoms display previously this week. Youre going to require to see the tall vampire girl to best her in a knife fight, Ethan.Image: CapcomThis third and last image wasnt offered to press in the United States however Ive seen it multiplying throughout Japanese outlets like 4Gamer. Its more understandable than the others– Ethans face would naturally be obscured while utilizing a scoped rifle– but in context, its just another example of the lengths Capcom is going to make certain we never ever get a good look at our protagonist.Image: CapcomI vaguely remember fans creating theories when Resident Evil 7 was still new that Ethans face was never ever revealed because he was going to end up being a crucial character we already knew. Some folks even believed he might be a clone of Chris Redfield or something ridiculous like that. These days, Im delighted simply assuming its a running gag amongst the designers. No silly plot lines necessary.Related Stories

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