Breath of the Wild mod makes buying Link’s house less of a scam – Polygon1 min read

The video above shows off all the perks that come with the mod, however sadly, you cant experience this unless youre playing an emulated version of BOTW. Still, its great to see folks beefing up a video game thats already outstanding– perhaps Nintendo will try and include some of these concepts in the eventual follow-up?

While some would argue that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is perhaps among the greatest video games ever made, there are still elements of the experience that are frustrating, or not quite as fleshed out as they could be. Take buying a home, for instance. Seems like it would be a pretty big offer, right? Dropping thousands of rupees to own a piece of residential or commercial property brings with it the expectation that youll get something worth your while.
Instead, your home simply has some knick knacks that you can show (for more rupees!), and it likewise lets you restore your health. Youll probably still purchase the home if youre a completionist, but the expense doesnt quite seem to validate the return on financial investment. Perhaps this is why modders like Waikuteru have actually concerned the rescue.
As found by Eurogamer, a new Breath of the Wild mod revamps your house and provides it an overall remodeling. There are more decors that make the space cozier, like hanging principle art, however thats just the start. Theres also a new steady where you can save a horse, a quick travel point, a cooking area, a fishing area, and even a mechanic that allows you to keep an animal. Depending on how you treat your family pet chicken, it can reward Link with eggs that can be utilized for cooking. Nice.

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