BlizzCon leak reveals Burning Crusade for World of Warcraft Classic – Polygon1 min read

Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to host its very first virtual BlizzCon show this weekend, but it appears the designer may have prematurely exposed a few of its surprises. Blizzards press website briefly had all the information about the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands patch and the World of Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade expansion, according to a post on Wowhead, and a number of posts on Reddit.
According to the leakage, Shadowlands spot 9.1 will include a new zone that the Jailer has actually pulled into the Maw. There will likewise be a huge new dungeon, and a 10-boss raid that occurs in Torghast. Gamers will also have the opportunity to united all 4 of the Shadowlands Covenant factions, and the capability to fly around the Shadowlands.
On the World of Warcraft Classic front, the leakage says that Blizzard will reveal the Burning Crusade expansion. If you d rather not advance your WoW Classic journey, the leaked declarations say that Blizzard will introduce new Classic Era servers that do not advance to the video games first expansion.
When it comes to the rest of the info about whats pertaining to World of Warcraft and Blizzards other titles, well probably hear more when BlizzConline officially begins on Friday, Feb. 19.

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