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Express (6v6) (February 4).
Returning from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Express arrives Feb. 4 in Black Ops Cold War as a 6v6 Multiplayer favorite, known fondly as the hi-tech train station that hosted many a jaw-dropping minute in competitive Call of Duty history.
Express is a roughly U-shaped map including two train tracks looping around the transportation centers primary hall. Players can expect lots of close-quarters battle in the hall, however need to note that its glass ceiling leaves it prone to enemy Scorestreaks.
Long-range fight can happen throughout the train tracks, particularly when keeping an eye out from the skybridges on either side of the map. These locations are also excellent places to enjoy one of the high-speed trains bolt by the station on among the tracks, where it wont think twice to take out any Operator who does not mind the gap.
Multiplayer Modes.
Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer gets a lot more brand-new video game modes throughout Season One, along with the continuation of the fast-paced 3v3 experience, Face Off.

Dropkick (Live Now).
Anybody getting the briefcase is automatically geared up with an effective pistol, however its ideally up to the rest of the team to keep the briefcase provider safe. The group with the case gains access to introduce codes, as well as an ever-increasing rating for their team.
If you die while your group manages the brief-case, you will not respawn till your provider has actually been removed and the brief-case has been dropped. As soon as one group reaches the rating limitation by owning the briefcase and controlling, orders to perform a nuclear strike are confirmed, and the round is won … in a highly explosive way!
Snipers Only Moshpit (In Season).
Prepare, snipers. Later On in Season One, Treyarch is bringing the brand-new Snipers Only Moshpit mode to Black Ops Cold War, where two groups of six will toss down in Team Deathmatch and Domination with all weapons restricted except sniper rifles. Lethal and tactical equipment, in addition to Scorestreak weapons (such as the War Machine), will also be limited for a pure snipers-only experience.

Wakizashi (Available Now).
An individual defense weapon and companion sword to the samurais katana, this traditionally created blade uses 2 types of steel in its building and is lightweight, resilient to force, and long lasting to wear.
Compared to the basic Knife, the Wakizashi provides a somewhat better reach in exchange for speed, which opens up new methods for those who swear on bringing knives to a gunfight.
Like the Streetsweeper shotgun, the Wakizashi can be opened via in-game difficulty, where it can then be levelled up for camouflages and XP. A Blueprint from the exact same weapon family is also readily available today in the all-new “Disavowed Assassin” Bundle.

Operator Zeyna Joins the Fight on January 21.
NATO gains another badass Operator for their ranks, as Zeyna Ossou, last seen along with Bulldozer and Russel Adler at The Pines shopping mall to take down Stitch, will be offered for implementation next week.
This Senegal-born DGSE Mobility and Heavy Weapons expert has actually been a motorhead for as long as she can remember. Growing up around the garages of her rally driver daddy, she jokes that she has gas in her veins. She is a risk-taker and a bit of a wild card throughout infiltrations, Zeynas coworkers understand her to be the one you desire at the pointer of the spear.
Acquire Zeyna for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone as part of a Store Bundle during Season One.
2 Multiplayer Maps.

Mental Hospital (Live Now).
Ten squads of 4 will head up to the Ural Plains to battle over goals and automobiles on air, sea, and land.
Here in the Urals is a Soviet speculative health retreat– the focus of a clandestine investigation by NATO forces in September 1984. Low woody hills supply cover for teams to get reconnaissance over the primary, approximately circular-shaped main “hotel”: a concrete, brutalist architectural leviathan flanked by lakeside structures and a large wooden dock.
With links to secret testing within State Sanatorium U-23, notes found within the grounds of this stretching complex show a conditioning trial called Project Golova.

Endurance Mode (In Season).
Following this seasons tactical Duos variation, Black Ops Cold Wars most significant game mode will take the 10-team experience to an entire new level.
In the upcoming Endurance variant, 10 teams of 4 will drop into Alpine, Ruka, and Sanatorium to collect uranium and arm bombs throughout the match. After one bomb detonates, a new one will now come online to take its location, ensuring that there will constantly be 5 bombs readily available instead of a preliminary set of 5 that gets minimized to a single bomb. This presents a new layer of strategy and non-stop action to these already intense 40-player battlegrounds.
Ball game limit will likewise be doubled from 500 to 1,000 in Endurance mode, making this ideal for finishing MP challenges. Dive in with your team and experience the video games most elaborate maps in a totally brand-new method.

Activision, Treyarch, and Raven Software have announced new material is concerning Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & & Warzone as part of Season One Reloaded.
In a brand-new article on the Call of Duty site, the company has actually exposed all brand-new material as Season One continues in Black Ops Cold War.
The very first of the updates is the mid-Season update for Black Ops Cold War, that includes a new Fireteam map, brand-new MP modes, and more across the game.
And, then brand-new content is planned to show up starting February 4 with the release of Express MP map and the next Zombies map, Firebase Z.
Get a deep dive into whats new from Activision:
And the action wont stop there. On February 4, prepare to witness the harrowing next chapter of the Dark Aether story in Zombies and go back to a competitive fan-favorite Black Ops II map in Multiplayer, in addition to fresh packages rolling out in the beginning of the month to commemorate the vacations of the season.
Need a visual on your target? We got you covered and then some.

New Weaponry

3v3 Face Off Continues.
This busy, small-team mode is here to stay in Season One, and its prepared for your trio to claim supremacy in respawn modes across four mad maps in Black Ops Cold War.
If you have not skilled Face Off yet, this playlist includes 3v3 Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Domination game modes on the most recent Gunfight maps: Game Show, ICBM, U-Bahn, and KGB.
Great for racking up weapon camouflage difficulties or a quick warm-up before diving into larger modes, Face Off will be featured throughout the extension of Season One beyond this week.
Zombies Updates.
As Season One moves into February, the Dark Aether story continues with an all-new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, quicker than you might have expected.
Prior to that arrives, anticipate to fight for your life in Cranked, survive the Onslaught on Raid (PlayStation special *), and welcome in brand-new Zombies neighborhood members throughout Zombies Free Access Week.

New Zombies Map: Firebase Z (February 4).
With the site of “Projekt Endstation” ruined after investigating the Dark Aether abnormality in Poland, the Requiem response team led by Grigori Weaver now turns its attention to the current break out site, codenamed “Firebase Z.”.
The next chapter in Black Ops Cold War Zombies begins on February 4 as Season One continues. View for more intel from Treyarch in their 115 Day event blog site today and tomorrow!

New Mode: Cranked (Live Now).
Today, “Die Maschine” gets its most recent limited-time mode– both literally and figuratively.
In Cranked, youll have to keep one eye on the countdown timer, and the other on your zombie-killing: spend too long without an undead takedown and youll blow up! Theres no time at all to lose as your survival depends on frantic, terror-filled takedowns where the only respite is the Cranked Timer power-up, giving a brief breather prior to the carnage continues.
New Onslaught Maps (PlayStation Exclusive *): Raid (Live Now) and Express (Feb. 4).
PlayStation members of Requiem will deal with a brand-new difficulty on the legendary Multiplayer map Raid, starting today. And on Feb. 4, Express will also sign up with the map list when it makes its Onslaught launching.
Opt for Gold as you stay up to date with the Dark Aether Orb, which will move to different areas of Raids swank Los Angeles mansion as the zombie crowd becomes more terrifying. Make Bronze, Silver, and Gold rankings by ruining enough Elites, and youll open some special * benefits. You might even find some new Dark Aether intel along the method …

She is a risk-taker and a bit of a wild card throughout infiltrations, Zeynas associates know her to be the one you want at the suggestion of the spear.
As soon as one team reaches the score limitation by controlling and owning the briefcase, orders to execute a nuclear strike are confirmed, and the round is won … in an extremely explosive way! After one bomb detonates, a brand-new one will now come online to take its place, ensuring that there will always be five bombs available instead of a preliminary set of five that gets lowered to a single bomb. This introduces a brand-new layer of method and non-stop action to these currently intense 40-player battlegrounds.
You might even discover some new Dark Aether intel along the way …

Free Access Week Live Through January 21.
Wish to experience the white-knuckle action of Zombies, however dont own Black Ops Cold War yet? For the very first time in Call of Duty history, Treyarchs legendary Zombies mode will be readily available totally free through the Zombies Free Access Week, which begins today through January 21.
Learn more about it in our Free Access Week blog site here.

Free Access Week Live Through January 21.

More in Store.
Together with the intro of Zeyna and a Zombies-themed crimson skin for Bulldozer, the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store will get new themed packages to commemorate the February vacations.
Commemorate the Lunar New Year with Legendary Weapon Blueprints with tracer rounds as part of the “Tracer Pack: Year of the Ox” package, send shots to the heart of your opponents with the “Top Secret Admirer” bundle, and bring a little bit of Mardi Gras to fight with the “Carnival Captain” bundle, featuring a legendary “Breaker” skin for NATOS Baker.
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