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Whereas maps like Moscow and Crossroads have grown and ended up being popular fan-favorites in Black Ops Cold War, Cartel has actually suffered a more soft reception.

Whereas engagements had a component of unpredictability about them before, they are now more full-on, permitting greater comfort moving around the map.
With all the modifications that Season 2 has actually made so far, such as new Operator bundles and the thrilling new Outbreak mode, its good to see Treyarch updating older material too.
Image credits: Treyarch

Its not a bad map, however it gained unfavorable reception, as early as its Beta testing, due to the big bushes that obscure essential parts of the map.
These obtrusive hedges have actually lastly been acknowledged by Treyarch who finally heard the Black Ops Cold War crowd, and appropriately sliced them down.
The Official Treyarch post images showing the before and after stating:
” On Cartel, we brought in the hedge trimmers and made several asked for cover changes throughout the map, decreasing the height of the bushes in certain areas to make engagements more predictable.”

Theres certainly a big improvement in the map as your line of sight is a lot more clear, and it permits you to see more plainly from one side of the map to the other.

In addition to including new maps and material to Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch has also changed up a few of the video games existing maps– particularly Cartel– in Season 2.
The subtle modification of an initial map can change it from being among the video games older maps to feeling totally fresh and revitalized. Treyarch had actually currently revealed that the much-maligned Miami map would be getting a more eye-pleasing variation of itself later in Season 2.
In the meantime, along with the new Apocalypse map, we likewise get a more updated version of one of the games starting maps– Cartel.

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