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Today, the Modern Warfare player count is still astoundingly high, and its probably since lots of fans wont make the switch. And even those that do arent always delighted about it.

It seems that a big part of players grievances stem from Black Ops Cold Wars Skill-Based Matchmaking. Other users have issues with weapon balance or absence of content, but SBMM is by far the most significant aspect.

Black Ops Cold War Players Have Had Enough.

But its clear that numerous of the games more devoted players are becoming singing about their distaste.

Black Ops Cold War fans appear to be getting sick of the existing state of the game, despite a current major update.

” I attempted to offer this video game an opportunity when all my pals told me how dog shit it was however I didnt wish to pull back … Roll on January 2021 and I really struggle to play one game of multiplayer, I do not know what it is but I simply cant play this sweatfest of a video game now.”.

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Of course, Reddit as an entire tends to flourish off negativeness, and there are many countless fans likely enjoying Cold War too.

On the other hand, there are significant problems about Black Ops Cold Wars SBMM execution and lack of content that are holding the game back.

If youve ever taken a journey to the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, youll understand its a forum thats complete of more than a few grievances. It appears that Black Ops Cold War fans have had enough of Treyarchs most current title, after just 2 months of gameplay.

This is particularly uncomfortable provided that Call of Duty games are developed to have a year-long lifespan.

The most recent installation in the Call of Duty franchise is certainly a dissentious one, and fans are mainly unhappy. Modern Warfare fans, by and large, appear to see Black Ops Cold War as a downgrade from the previous title.

In a couple of recent threads on Reddit, users are grumbling greatly about the state of Black Ops Cold War.

” Ive been playing and this game feels like its drawing the soul out of me. 3 days worth in mp and its the same recurring thing of rushing to a headglitch,” claims one Reddit user. “And if thats not bad enough if i do 2 well the video game thinks Im the next Scump to which the [SBMM] pertains to suplex me into these sweaty lobbies where all I see are CDL skins sitting in the corner high off of G-Fuel and adderall.”.

Another Reddit user asks their fellow gamers whether anybody is actually delighting in Black Ops Cold War.

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In Spite Of Black Ops Cold War being the best-selling game of 2020, it seems that some fans are now getting ill of playing. And this might spell disaster for Call of Duty 2021.

How to Enjoy Black Ops Cold War in 2021?

And new dripped content reveals Black Ops Cold War has more Field Upgrades on the method too.

Some commenters have an option for those that arent delighting in Black Ops Cold War. If youre discovering that you keep passing away to sweaty lobbies loaded with players wielding top-tier weapons, Hardcore is the mode for you.

Other gamers report that Black Ops Cold War Zombies is the very best part of the video game. Well have to wait another month for the 2nd Black Ops Cold War Zombies map.

” Ive been playing and this game feels like its drawing the soul out of me. 3 days worth in mp and its the exact same recurring thing of rushing to a headglitch,” declares one Reddit user.

Not just does Hardcore make the video game far more practical, it makes practically every weapon practical in matchmaking. Whats more, it may be a breath of fresh air for players who do not delight in Cold Wars Time To Kill.

( Source: Activision).

For those upset by Black Ops Cold Wars absence of material, you will not need to wait long for more. Cold War Season 1 Reloaded is bringing a new map and even more ways to play.

Heres whatever we understand about Firebase Z in Cold War.

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