Bixby’s Galaxy Unpacked teasing is going to make Note fans cry – SamMobile1 min read

In case you missed today’s news, you can now ask Bixby about next month’s Galaxy Unpacked and get some rather curious answers in return. For example, inquiring about the contents of Samsung’s next big product event will have Bixby respond with scribbling sounds. At least on our end, that is.

You can try replicating this behavior yourself by asking Bixby something along the lines of “what is Samsung going to announce at the next Unpacked?” Mind you, this is on top of the cryptic Morse code message that indirectly tells us to stay tuned for August 11th. Which is the ostensible date of the next Galaxy Unpacked, much like we’ve already deduced weeks ago.

What was that, Bixby? You, too, miss the Galaxy Note series?

The scribbling pen sounds aren’t that big of a mystery, either. They most likely allude to the fact that the star of the show – the Galaxy Z Fold 3 – will feature S Pen support. This is likely the closest we’re going to get to another Galaxy Note-like device generation this year. That is to say, we won’t, but there’s still hope for the future as Samsung hasn’t completely given up on the idea of doing another S Pen-centric smartphone series.

In the meantime, the mobile giant is trying to position its foldable devices as its ultimate flagship offerings. This, among other things, entails bringing S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Whether that act, alone, will result in a decisively better product compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is what remains to be seen. Though we do have our doubts.

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