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With the arrival of spring, the world is beginning to wake up once again. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and deer are tearing ass into driveways in order to slam headfirst into garage doors.

This last, wondrous demonstration of the season’s general feeling of optimism and joy was captured on video by YouTube channel ssnapier through footage so breathtaking we can almost hear David Attenborough’s narration as it plays. For a few seconds we just see a driveway and some motion in the sun-bleached stretch of road at the edge of the camera’s frame. Then a deer comes barreling into view on an apparent mission to throw itself into the garage door as hard as possible. The natural majesty of the herd animal is in full effect as it whacks against the door with a distorted crash just before a few more deer follow, skidding on the pavement, flopping all over each other, then taking back off to who-knows-where, their objective complete.

There’s silence for a moment before a man’s voice is heard from inside the house shouting at a dog to calm down then exclaiming, with perfect comedic timing: “What the fuck?”

Clearly, he’s overcome with the beauty of what he’s just been lucky enough to witness: A ballet choreographed by nature and performed with mysterious grace by planet Earth’s beautiful children.

Some people in the video’s comments suggest that the deer couldn’t see where they were going because the sun was too bright and the garage door was painted a light color. This seems very possible, but we also know that it’s just as important to take the natural world’s unpredictable artistry on its own terms as it is to try to explain it with scientific rationale. What weight does a description of a rainbow hold next to seeing one with your own eyes? Does knowing the evolutionary reasons for a cardinal’s bright red feathers help the bird appear any more stunning? No. And the same applies to this other remarkable display of an animal’s spectacular, soul-stirring drive to crash against a stationary object at full speed.

[via Boing Boing]

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