Autistic 4-year-old Arkansas boy kicked off flight for not wearing mask despite doctors note – TheBlaze2 min read

To make matters worse, while Carter and his father were kicked off, the airline would not permit Carters babysitter– who was taking a trip with them to assist with Carter– to de-board the aircraft with them.Stranded in Dallas, the father and son were able to catch a flight house from American Airlines for $1,000 out of pocket, and American accepted Carters medical note.”So were out all of our flights, a thousand bucks and we have a kid whos just troubled now that he like tossed all of his aircrafts down,” the mother told KTHV.Anything else?Carter is not the very first young autistic child to have trouble with Spirit Airlines.Last September, a Chicago family said the airline company sent them a letter banning 3-year-old Cebastian Lewis after he kept removing his mask on a return flight home.During a layover, the family says, Spirit workers made the entire plane de-board and submitted a police report versus the family. According to WFLD-TV, Spirit argued that the family was utilizing blasphemy and being uncooperative.Regardless, the outlet reported: Spirit launched a statement, saying they need face covering during the entire flight.

A 4-year-old Arkansas young boy with autism was booted from a Spirit Airlines flight on Monday for not using a mask, in spite of having a doctors note that the airline had accepted on the flight to their destination.The experience left little Carter Kimball ravaged, his mom says.What are the details?KTHV- TELEVISION spoke with Callie Kimball, who informed the outlet that her hubby and boy, Carter, were kicked off their return flight via Dallas after going to family in Las Vegas. Callie described that she and her husband have actually flown several times with Carter, who is non-verbal and badly autistic, and who likes airplanes.Carters physician supplied them with a letter to bring while taking a trip that discusses Carter is exempt from mask mandates due to the fact that of his disability.

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