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Left: routine usage battery level (slider), right: heavy gaming battery level (slider).
Video cameras.
During the reveal for the ROG Phone 5, Asus confessed that the electronic cameras for the ROG Phone line arent a priority. Obviously, the business just aims to offer the best video camera readily available in a video gaming phone, which is a low bar.
The primary sensing unit is 16MP with a f/1.8 aperture and 1.6 um pixels, which permits great pictures in outdoor lighting, though low light is a weak point, just as it was on the ROG 3. The 2nd rear sensor is ultra-wide at 16MP with an f2.4 aperture, and the third sensing unit is a 5MP macro with an f2.0 aperture. The front electronic camera packs 24MP with a f/2.45 aperture, enabling some fairly in-depth selfies as long as the lighting is excellent.

Theres no doubt that the Asus ROG Phone 5 is a beast — as a gaming phone, it loads all of the current and biggest hardware, which makes it an actually chunky kid. Asus has a laser focus on gaming-centric features that will thrill its core group, however the ROG 5 isnt a complete nightmare to utilize beyond gaming either. The ROG Phone 5 offers stable daily usage with the included benefit of killer specifications that can be tweaked and adjusted like a gaming PC. This is certainly a phone for gamers, but that implies it does not have some popular functions, and the software application has some rough edges. It might be the best phone for the ideal person, however itll be a hard cost many with an asking rate in excess of $1,000.

Design, hardware, whats in package.

If you pick to go without the additional peripherals, you can anticipate to receive the phone, the 65W battery charger, a clear case, a couple of sticker labels, and an assortment of instruction pamphlets in the ROG Phone 5 box.
Software, performance, and battery.
When once again, Asus is offering two UI choices when setting up your gadget. Theres a Classic style thats akin to stock Android, and then theres the Default theme, which provides a gaming aesthetic.

Do not purchase it if:.

You want the finest possible Android video gaming experience offered.
You like playing with settings to eke out the very best game performance possible.
Youre a mobile video game banner or are heavy in the eSports scene.

The ROG Phone 5 deals steady daily use with the included advantage of killer specifications that can be tweaked and changed like a gaming PC. The ROG 5 is a big phone with a 6.78-inch display screen. Noise is a major highlight of the ROG Phone 5. During the reveal for the ROG Phone 5, Asus confessed that the cams for the ROG Phone line arent a concern. The ROG Phone 5 is quickly the finest video gaming phone Ive used to date, but this comes at a cost, and Im not simply talking about the high price.

You require reputable and rapid OS updates.
You prefer little devices that dont weigh much.
You take great deals of pictures.

Purchase it if:.

This means you can move the split controllers into the offered phone case for a Switch-like portable experience, or you can connect them to a different controller frame that works through Bluetooth. Both techniques worked well with native Android video games as well as Stadia.

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Should you buy it?
The ROG Phone 5 is quickly the very best video gaming phone Ive utilized to date, however this comes at an expense, and Im not just discussing the high cost. The Asus ROG brand name caters practically exclusively to gamers, which is why the cams arent a focus and why well probably never ever see wireless charging or waterproofing. So whether youre prepared to live with these compromises is a case-by-case example.
This is the phone for you if your goal is to have the best possible mobile video gaming experience. Whether youre a mobile streamer, a mobile eSports gamer, or just a hardcore mobile gamer, the ROG Phone 5 offers a huge selection of alternatives and peripherals to guarantee youll see the best performance possible in all of your favorite mobile video games.
Heres the thing; this phone is going to be pricey. Asus has actually confirmed 2 years of software support, but this support is frequently sluggish or altogether missing out on, which is why its a little more challenging to suggest the phone.
As a player, I still think the ROG Phone 5 is a high mark in the recently established gaming phone market. Personally, Im pleased to see Asus release such a wonderful video gaming phone, and the compromises dont bother me excessive.

Armory Crate app on the left, Armory Crate in-game on the.
This is why I absolutely enjoy that Asus has actually consisted of a real-time details widget that can be displayed at all times in-game. This method, you can adjust settings in the Game Genie slide out while keeping a watch on your cpu/gpu, framerate, and heat percentages.

Traditional left, Default.
The phones software is loaded with many gaming-centric options. Most of these settings can be tweaked in the Armory Crate app, which you can easily pull up through a Game Genie menu at any time when in a video game. The options within are many. You can adjust your temp control, CPU/GPU efficiency, RAM efficiency, fan speeds, and most importantly you can combine your networks for a double mode that need to enhance network stability and speed. Asus clearly invested a lot of resources on the gaming functions, however the feature set is rather barebones beyond that.

Real-time information widget at the top of the screen.
The ROG 5 will ship with Android 11. Asus has actually verified the ROG Phone 5 line will see at least two years of software application support, though previous devices have actually lost out on quite a few updates, so I would not hold out much wish for Android 12 or speedy security updates.
As far as basic performance goes, the ROG 5 flies, specifically if you lock the screens refresh rate to 144Hz. Smooth as butter is a phrase tossed around a lot, however the display screen is exactly that. Apps load rapidly, and all of the video games I checked performed beyond my expectations.
Absolutely nothing slowed this phone down, not even Genshin Impact, which held a fairly solid 60fps at its highest graphics setting (though there was some stutter when loading properties). Testing Dead Cells, I had the ability to play at max graphics at 144Hz the entire time. Naturally, many video games top your frames at 60 or 30, so you cant constantly benefit from a high framerate, but the efficiency is quite unexpected when you can.
Playing mobile video games at the highest settings possible comes at a cost to the battery, which is why you get 6,000 mAh. Using the device as a regular phone managed me more than 2 days without a charge, and even with heavy video game testing, making it through the entire day wasnt a problem either.

The ROG 5 is a big phone with a 6.78-inch screen. That means hectic video games can be easier to play– your opponents may only see 60 frames per second, but you get more than two times that in some video games. A high refresh also makes the phone UI feel much more responsive.

Asus will use an entire household of ROG Phones this year: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. The Pro more than likely will not be pertaining to the US, and the Ultimate is a restricted edition throughout the world, so I would not hold out hope of snagging one. This leaves us with the Standard, which is available in 2 versions, one with 12 GB of RAM and one with 16 GB, both packaging 256 GB of storage. We have the 16 GB variation for evaluation.
The ROG 5 offers a fairly tidy look with a slight video gaming aesthetic thanks to its optional RGB logo lighting. Both the power button and the sim slot offer a sharp blue tone that contrasts with the white back and black front for a pop of color. The style is much less aggressively “gamer” than the previous ROG Phones– its simply intriguing sufficient to stand apart without being too flashy.

Its also worth keeping in mind that the AeroActive Cooler 5 can be connected while the Kunai 3 Gamepad remains in usage, which is why the phone provides two USB-C ports. The resulting gizmo is bulky in your hand, however it permits a bit of additional cooling while taking a seat for an extended play session. The heft resembles the Switch Lite.

Similar to last years ROG 3 (yes, Asus avoided a number), the ROG 5 provides 2 USB C ports, two touch-based triggers, an unblocked screen (no in-display cameras here, however theres a lot of bezel), dual front-facing speakers, an alert LED, and an in-screen finger print reader. You also get a 6,000 mAh battery thats actually 2 3,000 mAh loads at each end of the phone. They charge at 65W with the consisted of charger, plus you can utilize passthrough to power the gadget when video gaming in order to minimize heat.
Sound is a significant emphasize of the ROG Phone 5. Not only do we get dual front-facing speakers, the gadget includes a DAC that supports hi-res audio, and theres some fancy software built-in that can tune the sound of the front-facing speakers to guarantee they offer the very best output possible. The ROG 5 sounds excellent no matter how youre listening.
Asus is still pushing peripherals with the ROG 5, such as the Kunai 3 Gamepad case (see below). Theres also the AeroActive Cooler 5 fan attachment, a controller clip that supports Xbox and PS controllers, a Lightning Armor case that provides its own rear lighting, a couple of different designs of Cetra headphones, and a dock..

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