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Assassins Creed Valhalla will release its next big update tomorrow, around midday UK time. Variation 1.2.0 brings gear transmog to the video game, new skills, a fresh video camera option and assistance for Valhallas upcoming Easter “Ostara” Festival.
The addition of equipment transmog has been a regular fan demand given that the video game released, and after it became a popular addition to the series in Odyssey. Theres a modification here, however, from how it operated in that game. Youll require to transmog your products in Ravensthorpe through your blacksmith, Gunnar, and pay a little cost of 50 silver for each product you alter the appearance of.Valhallas new update likewise adds 3 new skills: Fearless Leaper, which adds bigger AOE damage and eliminates height limits to leap attacks; Ravens Loot, which gifts you loot from targets eliminated with ranged attacks; and Loot Food, which offers you a higher opportunity of discovering food products on dead bodies. That does not sound hygienic. A new “Close Camera” option lets you toggle a closer field of vision during regular gameplay that zooms out during combat. Ubisofts substantial patch notes also detail numerous small improvements, balance changes and bug repairs. My preferred is “there will now be more cats throughout England”. Heres another great one: “Addressed a concern that caused dead pigs to return to a standing position after quick travelling.” As for Valhallas Ostara Festival, Ubisoft has teased a springtime “bloomy Ravensthorpe” with some “special side activities (such as egg hunts) and special rewards”. The event ranges from 18th March to 8th April, and will be completely detailed individually by Ubisoft in a few days time.

Plus: Easter occasion, new abilities, close camera option..

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