Apple Watch saves New Hampshire teachers life after he fell through frozen pond – KTRK-TV1 min read

NEW HAMPSHIRE– An instructor from New Hampshire is crediting his Apple Watch with saving his life.William Rogers fell through the ice over the weekend while skating on a frozen pond.He was having a hard time to pull himself out, however the ice kept breaking.After about 10 minutes he began suffering hypothermia, however thats when he remembered his Apple Watch and had the ability to call 911. RELATED|NJ State troopers rescue 14-year-old young boy from freezing marsh” Told them that I probably had 10 minutes before I was not going to be able to respond any longer,” Rogers said.Firefighters were able to reach Rogers within 5 minutes after his call.He is now recuperating from his near-death ordeal.TRENDING: Woman discovers secret NYC home concealed behind her restroom mirror
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