Apple reportedly set to mass-produce iPads outside China for the first time – The Verge1 min read

Apple could start producing iPads in Vietnam by the middle of this year, marking the very first time a “significant number” of the tablets would be produced outside of China, Nikkei reports. As moving iPad production, Apple is also supposedly increasing the number of iPhones produced in India, where its produced some iPhone 11 units since last year. It will supposedly start producing iPhone 12 series devices in the nation as early as this quarter.
The report paints a photo of a company thats progressively eager to diversify its making out of China, regardless of hopes that trade stress might reduce under President Biden. Nikkei notes that the new administration has said it wont right away alleviate tariffs on Chinese imports, and there are also other elements like increasing labor expenses in China triggering Apple and other companies to search for alternative production centers.
More audio products might be produced in Vietnam
Beyond iPhones and iPads, Nikkei reports that Apple is ramping up production of a host of other devices outside of China. Following reports last year that Apple moved some AirPods Pro making to Vietnam, Nikkei says its likewise planning on expanding HomePod mini production in the country and will also move some MacBook production. (Reuters reported on Apples early strategies to move MacBook and iPad production to Vietnam in 2015.) Some Mac mini production has likewise been relocated to Malaysia, Nikkei notes.
News of Apples moving supply chains comes a little under two years after reports emerged that Apple was preparing to move between 15 and 30 percent of its making out of China. It now appears much of that shift is well in progress.

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