Apple Fined $2 Million in Brazil for Selling iPhones Without Chargers – MacRumors2 min read

Apple has actually been slapped with a near $2 million fine in the Brazilian state of São Paulo over infractions of the Consumer Law Code due to the lack of a battery charger in the box for newer iPhones, Brazilian tech news outlet Tilt reports.
Procon-SP, São Paulos customer defense firm, chose to fine Apple following intense examination over the decision to get rid of the power adapter from packages of iPhones. With the iPhone 12, Apple removed the power adapter from the box, stating that doing so will reduce carbon emissions and the usage of rare-earth metals.
In December, the Brazilian agency notified Apple that offering an iPhone in the nation without a charger in the box is an offense of the Consumer Defense Code. Apple reacted to the firms issues by saying that a lot of consumers currently have extra adapters and that providing another one in package is unwanted.
Fernando Capez, Procon-SPs executive director, provided a stern caution to Apple following the fine, stating that it needs to regard and comprehend Brazilian consumer law and institutions. Together with the lack of a battery charger, Apple is likewise being fined for deceiving clients about the water resistance in iPhones.
Considering that the iPhone 7, iPhones have actually been water-resistant to different specifications. The more current iPhone 12 series, for instance, is certified for water submersion of up to 6 meters for as long as 30 minutes.
Procon-SP claims that Apple refused to fix devices for customers who had actually suffered water damage with their “water-resistant” iPhones, despite the fact that theyre under warranty. Other charges advanced to Apple are claims that it intentionally slows down older phones with iOS updates to encourage consumers to purchase newer designs.
Apple will have a possibility to appeal to the $2 million fine. If we hear back, weve reached out to Apple for comment and will upgrade this short article.

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