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iOS 14 was announced with some great new functions for iMessage, consisting of more alternatives for group discussions, inline replies, and more. Nevertheless, theres also an essential change in iMessage that Apple hasnt discussed up until now. The business has actually adopted a new security system called “BlastDoor,” which is basically a sandbox mode that secures the Messages app from the rest of iOS.

Its function is to take inbound messages and unload and process their content inside a safe and separated environment, where any destructive code concealed inside a message cant communicate or hurt the underlying operating system or recover with user data.

As reported by ZDNet, this new security function of iOS 14 was found by Samuel Groß, a security researcher working with Googles Project Zero. All iOS apps already work in sandbox mode by default, however BlastDoor includes an additional layer of protection to iMessage.

According to the security researcher, iMessage has been the target of several attacks in the past as numerous researchers explained that Apples messaging service was “doing a poor job of sterilizing incoming user data.” These exploits permitted hackers to take control over an iPhone by simply sending out a text message or image to the gadget.
Groß informed the report that he believes Apple has actually finally decided to listen to feedbacks from the community to enhance the iMessage security, which led to BlastDoor being implemented with iOS 14. “Its excellent to see Apple putting aside the resources for these type of large refactorings to enhance end users security,” the researcher said.
More information about the changes in iMessages security system can be found in Googles main Project Zero blog site.
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