Apex Legends Will Get ‘A Ton Of Titanfall’ Next Season – Kotaku1 min read


Over the weekend, designers at Respawn hinted that well be getting a lot more Titanfall in the games next season.As reported by Dexerto, on a current panel called BrownGirlGamerCode, Game Director Chad Grenier stated, “We bring a lot of things from Titanfall into the video game practically every season. Next season, Season 9, youre actually going to see a heap of Titanfall coming back into the video game, in one method or another … If youre a Titanfall fan, hang on for season 9. Peak players have long been hoping for Titanfalls mechs, though Respawn has been quite clear they will not be coming.Apex Legends and Titanfall share a universe, and weve formerly seen hints of Titanfall tradition in Apex, together with Titanfall weapons and beasts like Leviathans, Flyers, and Prowlers.

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