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Chad Grenier, Apex Legends video game director at Respawn Entertainment, has hinted that the upcoming Season 9 legend will attract the fight royales massive Japanese fanbase..

As has become popular in Apex Legends, the start of a new season implies a new legend. This is anticipated to be the case with Season 9 and, with explosive Aussie Fuse now in-game and wreaking havoc, some fans are casting their minds forward to consider what the games next season will bring.
At this moment details are still relatively limited, but Chad Grenier has actually hinted that the video games upcoming legend will have a specific appeal to the Japanese fanbase.
Apex Legends release on Nintendo Switch began March 9, and will have certainly increased the games appeal in Japan where Nintendo controls the video game markets.
Respawn EntertainmentThe game dropped on Switch on March 9, 2021.
Talking to Famitsu about the games launch on Switch, Grenier discussed the games ninth season, which is expected around the start of May, 2021. He did not reveal specific details, he hinted that the brand-new legend will be specifically popular in Japan.

” We are enjoyed bring Apex to all Switch gamers in Japan,” Grenier said. “I love Japan and its a nation where individuals play Apex a lot. I hope we can deliver special content to Japan. I pointed out a little about Season 9, however the legend in Season 9 I hope will resemble in Japan. Thank you for your support. You can finally use Switch.”.
Note that the above comments are a translation, as the initial article was released in Japanese..
Respawn/EAThere is a “big nerf” for Horizon prepared for Season 9, together with the secret legend Grenier meant.
There are still very few information learnt about the Season 9 legend and how it will shake up the established swimming pool of characters. A few names have actually appeared, including Valk, Blisk and Ash. As we understand more, youll understand more.
Whether Greniers remarks suggest we can anticipate a Japanese legend remains to be seen, however we can anticipate more details on the Season 9 legend as its release creeps closer.

” We are delighted to bring Apex to all Switch players in Japan,” Grenier stated. I discussed a little about Season 9, but the legend in Season 9 I hope will be liked in Japan. There are still very couple of details understood about the Season 9 legend and how it will shake up the developed swimming pool of characters.

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