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This might vary, but if previous years are any indicator, the early Developer Previews will be limited to currently supported Pixel gadgets. That implies all Pixels after the Pixel 2 series.
I d anticipate the following phones will have Developer Previews on day one:.

February 17th.
February 24th.
March 3rd.
March 10th.
March 17th.

Android 12s first preview releases are most likely simply around the corner. If youre intending to check it out early and this is your first time, weve put together a quick introduction of the subject based on our years of experience that must assist you get all set for your very first appearance at Android 12 when it lands.

Dates marked in green are our guesses..
Second, Google often launches sneak peek and beta variations on a Wednesday (typically at 10AM PT). There have been exceptions, but theyre uncommon, so its likely well see a Wednesday release once again.
Having a look at the calendar, and keeping in mind both of these information, a handful of dates are possible throughout February and March:.

Check that this worked by entering “adb devices” (no quotes) in a shell or command trigger. If ADB is set up and your phone remains in the correct mode, you must see an identifier for your phone and a “sideload” state reported.

You might also be able to use the Android Flash Tool, which works right from your web browser (full instructions here). In 2015 Google made it suitable with Developer Preview 2 and later, and we might see that occur earlier this year. Its both easier and works throughout more platforms– one of our readers humorously installed an Android 11 Developer Preview onto a Pixel from another Pixel, which I still laugh about.
We should keep in mind, in some cases a brand-new variation of the Android SDK platform tools is needed for a brand-new release, so if you encounter trouble once the Developer Preview is readily available, you may desire to look for updates. And although some guides you may see claim you require to unlock your bootloader to set up the Developer Previews, that is not remedy. OTA images can easily be sideloaded without opening your bootloader.
Developer Preview vs. Beta.
Googles timeline differs a little, and its utilized various names over the years. Last year we got a mix: Developer Previews for the first few releases, Betas for the last few.
Its possible Google might yet again play with the naming between Developer Previews and Betas with the Android 12 testing releases– or even call them something brand-new. The early preview releases are less steady, vulnerable to alter, targeting designers, and things can go wrong. I hope Google sticks with the exact same language for Android 12.
If it does, anticipate to see a switch from Developer Previews to Betas someplace in the middle of the schedule right around when Google I/O would be– not that we need to expect an in-person I/O to happen this year.
I just desire to point out (due to the fact that a thousand individuals ask about it every time it occurs), Developer Preview and Beta updates often break contactless payments for a couple of days after their release. Its a thing, it generally gets repaired in a couple of days, and its nothing to be excitedly swarming about when it occurs with every single upgrade.

Who is it for?
To begin, we need to make it abundantly clear that the first Developer Previews for Android 12 are, as their name ought to indicate, meant for designers. Enthusiasts (including myself) will most likely download them for enjoyable, they are frequently buggy and unstable, and Google did not make them for us. They exist so developers can play with brand-new APIs and other system-level modifications, and supply feedback for those modifications before theyre settled, ahead of the ultimate release.
Often Googles modifications have unexpected consequences, and developers are the very first to identify possible issues so they can be fine-tuned. Stability issues are common during these early stages. Even if recent sneak peeks have been especially steady, theres no assurance they will be for Android 12. Problems might range from app crashes to unanticipated restarts, or perhaps potentially more severe concerns like bootloops or information corruption.

Eagerly anticipate new features like the personal privacy signs (illustrated above) for when the mic and cam remain in usage, though they may not appear in the first release.
Not rarely, Developer Previews have concerns that require troubleshooting to fix. A soft brick is possible, but unlikely. You need to be comfy with mucking around in a healing menu and by hand sideloading an OTA through ADB if essential– or a minimum of be willing to discover the procedure individually if and when things fail.
I also advise that you be ready and able to provide Google with bug reports if you run into any issues or unanticipated behavior. Think of this as Androids exit row seating: Theres a responsibility that features this extra Android 12 legroom, and youre expected to supply quality feedback. That does not suggest a slapdash rant about icon spacing fired off through the feedback app, that indicates pulling system logs, describing a problem in accurate terms, and documenting the actions needed to recreate it so the problem can be resolved by engineers and fixed.
If youre a smart device enthusiast with an extra phone on hand, the designer previews can be fun. But if youre considering installing them on your only device for daily usage, I would strongly recommend versus it.
When will it come out?
We dont have a main release date at the time of writing, however if history is any indicator, there are simply a handful of days that the first Android 12 Developer Preview might arrive on.
Initially, Google brought the typical release schedule forward by around a month in 2015, dropping the very first Android 11 Developer Preview in February in 2015. The Android Beta Feedback app built into the sneak peek and beta releases given that Android 10 Q likewise got a random update in early February this year. Its hardly definitive proof, however its a strong sign that we may see an earlier February release once again this year for Android 12, though it could also land in early to mid-March as it performed in prior years.

Google supplies instructions on how to flash images on its OTA images downloads site, and the exact same information apply to sneak peeks. I d encourage you to find a walkthrough particular to your platform for the specific actions, like setting up ADB and sideloading an OTA. On some platforms, like Linux, its simpler to do than others. The short version is:.

Pixel 5.
Pixel 4a 5G.
Pixel 4a.
Pixel 4.
Pixel 4 XL.
Pixel 3a.
Pixel 3a XL.
Pixel 3.
Pixel 3 XL.

Flash the OTA by means of a shell or command trigger, utilizing “adb sideload your_file_name_here. zip” with no quotes, where the filename is the name of the OTA image you downloaded earlier. On some platforms, youll need to precede adb commands with “./” for it to work correctly.
Look anxiously at your phone while it gradually sets up.
When done, restart.

If you dont own a supported device, however you d like to inspect out the early Android betas, a reconditioned or utilized Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a can be gotten quite inexpensively.
When the Android Beta Program opens later on this year, we will likely see more phones get their own Android 12 beta programs. Typically companies like OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi, and ASUS will launch their own Android betas for one or 2 flagship devices in the summer.
How do I install it?
Installing Googles later Android Betas is simple: You just require to opt-in at the Android Beta Program website. I believe a higher barrier to entry assists to weed out those that would not be able to fix problems, which occur more regularly with the preview releases, however it implies setting up the Developer Previews is a more manual procedure.

Recently Google has actually prepared for six preview/beta releases, but in 2015 we got a random additional one, and Android P did five. Missing any details, I d expect a comparable six-release schedule for Android 12 this year. Last year, Google also began the habit of pressing bug-fixing updates between those planned releases, and I d expect that to continue.
The last steady release normally happens in Q3 around August or September.
Which phones can get it?

To start, we need to make it generously clear that the very first Developer Previews for Android 12 are, as their name must indicate, planned for developers. Believe of this as Androids exit row seating: Theres a responsibility that comes with this additional Android 12 legroom, and youre anticipated to provide quality feedback. The Android Beta Feedback app developed into the preview and beta releases since Android 10 Q also got a random upgrade in early February this year. When the Android Beta Program opens later this year, we will likely see more phones get their own Android 12 beta programs. Setting up Googles later Android Betas is easy: You just need to opt-in at the Android Beta Program site.

Install the Android SDK tools (i.e., ADB) and USB chauffeurs (if youre using Windows).
Download the Developer Preview OTA image for your gadget. This link will reroute to the steady images for now, once sneak peeks are readily available, it ought to work once again.
Link your phone to your computer.
Reboot into healing (via ADB/USB debugging or the crucial combination) and enter sideloading mode– power+ volume up opens the Recovery menu, scroll through the volume secrets to “use update from ADB,” and select it with a tap of the power button.

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