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As weve been delving further into the first Android 12 Developer Preview, tweaks have been found, consisting of to the dark theme on Pixel devices– which is no longer totally or AMOLED black.

Initially identified by the team over at Android Police, when used, the dark theme on your Pixel will more carefully look like a dark gray-blue than a pitch or AMOLED black. Now this might be an aggravating tweak if you do choose the possibly battery-saving pitch-black color plan that is present on Android 11 and below.
As AP notes, the precise dark style shade with the Android 12 Developer Preview is # 171c21 rather than a pure black color. Its up to you just how you feel about this change, as some find that pitch black is better than a gray hue, while others simply do not care. I need to confess that I fall under that latter group, its not a huge deal, but we can comprehend if it is to you.

Nothing else within the dark theme has actually changed in Android 12, all of the accent colors you have actually picked within the Styles & & wallpapers section will bring over unchanged. Its worth keeping in mind that the tweak applies to practically all facets of your Pixel device must you sideload the Android 12 Developer Preview. One unusual peculiarity is that areas like the Settings menu and app drawer still maintain the pitch-black dark style in the very first Android 12 designer construct.
This might merely be proof of further customization options that we get out of the extensive theming system that we discovered evidence of a few weeks back. We really hope that more alternatives are made offered, as were sure that to some this possible dark style modification in Android 12 might infuriate many people out there.
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