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Amazon has seemingly made a small adjustment to its app icon after some individuals commented online that it looked like the facial hair of a famous 20th-century dictator. The company unveiled its new icon in January, changing the long-familiar blue shopping cart logo design with a brown cardboard box. FILE: Workers at Amazons satisfaction center in Staten Island, N.Y., collect outdoors to object work conditions in the companys storage facility in New York. (AP)The cardboard box included the iconic Amazon smile, but straight above that was a jagged piece of blue tape that evoked recommendations to Adolf Hitlers unique mustache.”Someone should @amazon that a mouth with a little moustache is a huge no-go …” one Twitter user commented in late January.AMAZON HOPES TO WIN OVER LAWMAKERS BY PERSUADING THINK TANKS TO SUPPORT ITS BUSINESS MODEL: GASPARINO”Amazons brand-new App logo Does not advise me of Hitler … Amazons new App logo Does not remind me of Hitler … Amazons new App logo design Does not advise me of Hitler …,” composed another user.”Amazons new app logo be looking like theyre the THIRD most downloaded in the “Reich” area,” quipped another Twitter user, referring to the alternative name for the Nazi regime. The upgrade app icon still includes neutral blue tape partially peeled back, without the jagged edge.TO READ MORE FROM FOX BUSINESS CLICK HEREFox Business has actually reached out to Amazon with a demand for comment.

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