AC Valhalla update patches NPC lip syncing issues and other problems – Engadget1 min read

Assassins Creed Valhalla has actually had rather a couple of problems given that its release late last year, and gamers have been clamoring for fixes to improve its gameplay. Now, Ubisoft has actually revealed an upcoming patch that will fix those issues and a lengthy list of more problems.
Based upon the video gaming businesss change log, upgrade 1.1.2 addresses “NPC animation issues.” While it didnt clearly discuss the mouth-moving bug, the Assassins Creed franchise community manager on Reddit validated that its included in the issues the patch was developed to repair. The spot will likewise repair conserve problems, such as one that avoids filling conserves made after knocking in Clues and Riddles and another that causes data corrupt errors to turn up after getting in the conserve menu.
Aside from the bug fixes, the upgrade likewise comes with brand-new features, consisting of the River Raids game mode that will let players rob as much as they want and will provide them access to uncharted areas of England. It brings brand-new abilities, too– among which called “Berserker Trap” provides gamers a way to attach traps like hallucinatory powder to their arrows. It consists of brand-new skills, like the capability to carry a body after a successful assassination and to slide into enemies and knock them off balance while running.
Assassins Creed Valhalla Title Update 1.1.2 launches tomorrow: February 16.” For worthy deeds, thine honour singThe brave guys slain, Valkyrjur wakesReward for pressure to Valholl takes”– Assassins Creed (@assassinscreed) February 15, 2021

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