A Song In Balan Wonderworld Sounds A LOT Like A Song From Ghostbusters – Kotaku1 min read


Image: Sony/ Square Enix/ KotakuIm not stating the author on Balan Wonderworld swindled a classic tune from the Ghostbusters movie soundtrack, but the resemblances stand out … GigaBoots on Twitter was one of many who found the resemblance in between the Balan Wonderworld track “The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations: Main Theme” and the instrumental Ghostbusters style. And yeah, played back to back, its hard to neglect how alike they sound. Take a listen. Balan Wonderworlds song: The Ghostbusters track: I believe the Balan song varies enough that this probably will not result in any legal problems. However Im no legal representative! This could likewise be a tribute to Ghostbusters. This Balan song is about firemens and the Ghostbusters work out of an old firefighter station in NYC. I see the connection. I think. Related StoriesG/O Media may get a commission

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