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A new patent that might hint at enhanced AI within GTA 6 has actually been discovered. The patent, which tries to trademark a “system and technique for virtual navigation in a gaming environment” surfaced on Reddit after being filed by publisher Take-Two in October 2020. The patent focuses on the methods in which in-game NPCs move around and respond to their environment, however says that “standard systems only offer minimal resources” when it comes to automating these movements – only a specific variety of automobiles can appear to be carrying on a road at an offered time, for example, and automated chauffeurs are just able to react to other neighboring items, rather than the world around them.Take-Two states that the existing tech is “lacking,” as carrying out sensible movements would either be too difficult on video game systems, or would limit the scope of the remainder of the video game. The patent, nevertheless, would create “a reasonable virtual world that is not restricted by hardware or software constraints.”That could indicate, for instance, that “each NPC can specify its own particular attributes” when driving. An NPC driving a sports cars and truck on a warm day, for example, might accelerate far more difficult than one driving a van in the rain. Take-Two even claims that various characters would have different driving abilities, which could in turn affect their driving style, and states that NPCs would have the ability to represent situations “such as a high-speed chase,” and avoid that location while moving around a virtual city.While the patent was submitted by Take-Two, and could therefore associate with any of the publishers video games, there are numerous ideas that point towards GTA 6. The majority of noteworthy are the systems creators; David Hynd and Simon Parr are, respectively, associate director of technology and lead AI developer at Rockstar Games. In other places, referrals to things like high-speed chases and comprehensive virtual cities could definitely point to the GTA series.While Rockstar is yet to announce anything main relating to a new GTA video game, a growing number of details about the video game seems appearing. Last summertime, Take-Two renewed the games web domains, and Rockstar assistance told gamers to “stay tuned” regarding updates to the franchise. In November, fans found what seemed a VI-shaped tease in a trailer for GTA Online. And in just the past week, one rumour claimed GTA 6 may feature a female lead character, while a Red Dead Redemption 2 dataminer discovered parachuting files that might associate with a sixth mainline video game. GTA 6 could begin little, but grow over time.

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