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In other words, the German tuner’s latest creation bases on the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe and deserves its Rocket designation rather well. The naming gives hints to the massive powerplant that hides under the hood of this beast.

The BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition benefits from an engine displacement increase to 4.5 liters, arising from enlarging the bores and stroke and packing bigger forged pistons and longer piston rods, billet crankshaft, a pair of high-pressure fuel pumps, and by replacing the turbochargers with BRABUS’s own custom units featuring more generous compressors and strengthened bearings.

Their magic touch transforms this vehicle into a furious monster producing 900 hp and 922 lb-ft (1050 Nm) of electronically limited torque. In other words, it reaches 62 mph (100 kph) from a standstill in just 3.2 seconds and can go on unhindered until it hits its top speed of 205 mph (330 kph), in a true Rocket fashion.

Furthermore, the rear quad-tailpipes are the source of a fierce scream that characterizes every BRABUS machine and are produced thanks to a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system that features actively controlled valves. The driver can enjoy a wide array of V-8 concert performances varying from the aggressive tone of the beloved “Sport” mode to the whisper-clear notes of the “Coming Home” setting.

The exterior appearance of the 900 Rocket Edition is outstanding. BRABUS proudly showcased their “Superior Gray” paint job with the first example in the line-up. The car presents itself with such a mean stance that will scare anyone or anything just by being standstill. Exposed carbon-fiber aero elements give off a muscular character and are beautifully complemented by the BRABUS 24-inch Monoblock Z “PLATINUM EDITION” forged wheels with carbon aero discs.

Starting with the front chin splitter and carbon-fiber fender flairs and finishing off with the full-carbon rear spoiler and lower diffuser, the vehicle gains an aggressive profile that successfully reduces lift and provides impeccable stability during hard cornering. Not least, the vehicle can be further lowered by up to 1 inch (25 millimeters) using the BRABUS Airmatic Sports Unit suspension system, to provide a lower center of gravity during high-speed running.

The interior cabin is a completely bespoke space that can be configured to satisfy any requirements. BRABUS’s show car presented a bold color scheme featuring the signature “Rocket Red” glazing applied to all cockpit elements such as switches, speaker covers, air vents, paddle shifters, pedals, or doors pins. Design and craftsmanship are exquisite, the upholstery being masterfully executed. The main highlights are the crest-shaped quilting on the seats, and trim elements and footwells dressed in fine leather, and the red contrast stitching that finishes off sporty yet luxurious living space.

Sadly, this stunning recipe applied to the GLE 63 S will come only in 25 iterations. The cost of such an engineering wonder is undoubtedly high. But, for some people, the trouble of clearing pockets of more than $531,745 (€453,681.55) is well worth it.

An exquisite project, a beautiful and mean machine, the all-new BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition is one highly collectible vehicle that can embarrass many supercars on the roads today. The world’s fastest SUV at the time of writing, it most definitely is here to make history and please fans and lucky owners alike with its irresistible charm.

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