7 Apps to Make the Most of Your Streaming Music Subscription – WIRED1 min read


There are plenty of music streaming services to pick from, and these services are motivating a growing number of add-ons and companion apps developed to help you get even more bang for your subscription dollar, either by discovering new things to listen to or helping you conserve songs you enjoyed.That means youre not limited to just the features inside Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, or whichever streaming platform youre signed up for, due to the fact that you can utilize tools that run on top of these services as well to include additional functions and options beyond what you get by default.Some of these tools can in fact be used with any music streaming service, while others are focused on one platform in specific. In other words, you dont have to settle for the automatic ordering and grouping that Apple imposes on you– you can put your preferred artists at the top, group albums together nevertheless you like, and so on.The app works with anything inside the default Music app, whether thats synced from the Apple Music streaming brochure or imported from elsewhere.

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