6 Clever Ways to Use the Windows Command Prompt – WIRED1 min read


Format-Table -AutoSize > > C: UsersWhitsonDesktopProgramsList.txtReplace Whitson with the name of your user folder at the end of that command to get the file on your desktop. Note that this will not include Windows Store apps, however, which you can list by running: Get-AppxPackage > > C: UsersWhitsonDesktopStoreProgramsList.txtAgain, changing Whitson with the name of your user folder. Therell be a lot of scrap in that list, however you can by hand get the few programs you desire to remember and paste them into your initial list, if its easier.Watch Star Wars (No, Seriously) OK, this isnt precisely a “helpful” trick, however it certainly is cool. If you enable Telnet in Windows (search for “turn windows features on or off” in the Start menu, then examine the Telnet box), you can run: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nlTo watch an ASCII variation of Star Wars in your command prompt window. This has actually been around for several years, and it still impresses me.More Great WIRED Stories

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