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1More has actually absolutely flooded the true wireless earbud market, and its confident enough in its new ComfoBuds Pro noise-canceling earbuds to proclaim them as superior to the AirPods Pro– for a fraction of the cost. They slot in between the companys flagship True Wireless ANC earbuds ($ 200) and more economical options like the $50 PistonsBuds and the basic ComfoBuds, the latter of which has an open-style design. 1More states with the Pro model, its “sure to bring the fight to Apple and provide their devoted fanbase a major problem in choosing what set of earbuds are best for them.”
I do not think requiring such a direct comparison was the ideal relocation because, in spite of 1More claiming that it offers “a lot more” than Apples flagship buds, the ComfoBuds Pro cant match up with the AirPods Pro in all areas– as is anticipated with such a rate inconsistency– but theyre still an outstanding item in their own right. The noise is great for the cash, they have numerous beneficial sound cancellation modes to change in between, and the fit certainly delivers on the “comfort” part of their name.

Controls could be much better
No EQ choices
App required for all noise-canceling modes

The earbuds are available in dark gray or white, and both have red accents.

The ComfoBuds come in either gunmetal gray or white, and they lay flat in their extended, capsule-shaped carrying case. This produces a compact, pocketable design, however the trade-off is that removing them from the case isnt so easy: youve got to push down on the stem, which rises the primary earbud portion, and then pluck that out of the case. Youll have it down as soon as youve done it a few times.

Comfy fit even throughout extended listening
Excellent sound for the price
Decent sound cancellation

Battery life is rated at 6 hours with ANC enabled, which outlasts the 4.5-hour AirPods Pro. It charges over USB-C but doesnt offer wireless charging.
1More also beats out Apple on the scale, with each ComfoBud Pro weighing 5.2 grams compared to the 5.4-gram AirPods Pro. I d have valued an XL alternative, as even the largest size took some change for a snug seal.
Rather of any real buttons, the ComfoBuds Pro have a touch-sensitive location on the external stem. The most confounding thing about 1Mores controls is theres no single-tap action.

Removing the ComfoBuds Pro from the case takes a bit more effort than some other earbuds.

Excellent Stuff

Bad Stuff

4 sizes of ear ideas are included, including an XS set.

You control the ComfoBuds Pro with tap gestures on the stem.

By default, 2 taps is pause, three activates a voice assistant, and a long press toggles between the noise-canceling modes. I ended up changing the three-tap gesture to track controls, however that indicated going for no direct volume gain access to. If you remove them, each earbud has an IR sensing unit on the outside for auto-pause. They reliably resumed the music whenever I put them back in my ears.
1More has a good track record for delivering on sound quality, and I believe the ComfoBuds Pro might set a new bar for what to expect if youre on a $100 spending plan. Theyve got exceptional clearness without the bass bloat thats common in this price bracket. Everything gets its sufficient area in the mix; the many layered singing tracks by Taylor Swift and Justin Vernon on “Exile” are all unique and come through with clarity. The funky groove of Lake Street Dives “Hypotheticals” is a good demo for the punchy bass these earbuds can. Usually, theres one genre or even a style of music production that will expose the weaknesses of a specific set of earbuds, however I had a hard time to discover that with the ComfoBuds Pro. They can adjust to pretty much anything without coming off as thin or harsh. 1More doesnt include any options for EQ personalization, so what you get is what you get. Either earbud can be utilized standalone.

However do they sound better than the AirPods Pro? You might make the case they do, yeah. I believe some people will prefer the deeper low tones and just how much broader 1Mores earbuds can feel; vocals stay planted in the center, but youll hear a lots of information out of the left and right channels. Still, theres something to be stated for the no-nonsense, straightforward audio recreation of the AirPods Pro that so many people find pleasing throughout all sorts of various audio. 1Mores costlier True Wireless ANC also sound a bit fuller and more exact since they have a dual-driver design compared to the single 13.4-millimeter motorist in the ComfoBuds Pro.

1More likewise includes a less effective mode it states is appropriate for “chatty” environments like workplaces and coffee shops, plus another thats suggested to avoid wind sound, which is common with noise-canceling earbuds given that they constantly utilize the exterior microphones to sample ambient sound. 1Mores active noise cancellation worked quite well when I was sitting outside at a Brooklyn coffee shop, but this is one location where the AirPods Pro pull ahead. They do not have the exact same range of modes, however Apples premium earbuds do a much better total task of bringing down the volume of the outside world, which is whats most essential.

The case is compact but does not have cordless charging.

Nevertheless, all of these things make the ComfoBuds Pro a fantastic worth. The AirPods Pro still rank above in a number of aspects. The ComfoBuds Pro case doesnt support cordless charging. Second, Apples transparency mode still sounds more airy and natural than 1Mores. And 1More cant match the software bends (automated switching, spatial audio, seamless pairing, audio sharing, and so on) that exist between AirPods and other Apple gadgets. Thats a huge part of what makes them so popular. Again, were talking about quality-of-life conveniences that you d truly expect from a $250 item. And these cost no place near that. However if 1More is going to make the comparison, the distinctions are worth explaining. Regardless of putting a substantial concentrate on voice mic efficiency, 1More also end up behind the AirPods Pro there– as does everybody else. Its a draw on sweat resistance, with both sets of earbuds rated IPX4.
1More has assembled a fantastic set of budget plan earbuds with the ComfoBuds Pro. I wish the company had actually concentrated on the sheer worth you get in exchange for your $99 rather of trying to remove the AirPods Pro, which just isnt realistic. Despite matching them on convenience and edging them out in other locations like battery life, there are still legitimate reasons lots of iPhone owners will go right for Apples buds. Its hard to put a cost on those unique Apple environment features and the remarkable sound cancellation. But if youve only got around $100 to put towards earbuds, the ComfoBuds Pro are a standout pair that will not leave you missing out on much else. Only thing is, the AirPods are far from the only competitors theyll require to stand apart from.
Photography by Chris Welch/ The Verge

1More has actually definitely flooded the real wireless earbud market, and its positive enough in its new ComfoBuds Pro noise-canceling earbuds to announce them as superior to the AirPods Pro– for a fraction of the cost. 1More says with the Pro model, its “sure to bring the battle to Apple and give their devoted fanbase a severe dilemma in selecting what pair of earbuds are ideal for them.”
1More likewise beats out Apple on the scale, with each ComfoBud Pro weighing 5.2 grams compared to the 5.4-gram AirPods Pro. 1More has actually put together a wonderful pair of spending plan earbuds with the ComfoBuds Pro. If youve just got around $100 to put toward earbuds, the ComfoBuds Pro are a standout pair that wont leave you missing much else.

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